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Monday, March 15, 2010

Author Interview with Laura Stamps + Giveaway!

Hey guys!  So the other day, I posted a book review on the first installment of A Vampire's Kiss by Laura Stamps.  Laura's agreed to stop by and answer a few questions some of you might have in regards to this new series of hers.  Hope you enjoy!
Read my review on:
A Vampire's Kiss

So without further ado, let me introduce you all to the lovely Laura!  And keep reading, because there's a super awesome giveaway following the interview! :)


Hello, and welcome Laura!   Care to tell us a little about yourself?
Hey, is that a loaded question, or what?  *lol*  Okay, I'm a paranormal erotica novelist.  I write several series, all spin-off series from my main series, The Witchery Series.  I've been a fulltime writer for 23 years, and my fiction and poetry have been published in over 1000 magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide.  I've published over 45 books, and received a Pulitzer Prize nomination and 7 Pushcart Award nominations, among many other awards.  Besides that, I'm known across the web as a shameless slut.  What can I say?  I LOVE sex!  I'm also a Wiccan Faery Witch, empath, and psychic. 

If you could summarize the Witchery Series and The Manigault Vampires in one sentence each, what would you say?

The Witchery Series
is a paranormal romance series about contemporary Witches, and the novels range from empowering to romantic to erotic.  The Manigault Vampires is a hot erotica spin-off series about the sexy vampires in Columbia and the Witches they fall for.

Can A Vampire's Kiss be read as a standalone?

Yes.  All my novels in all my series have a HEA.  I also make sure you know enough about the characters from my other novels that you'll enjoy A Vampire's Kiss.  However, let me warn you.  There's a good chance you're gonna fall in love with these characters.  In that case you'll wanna to know more about them.  And that means most people do end up reading and loving The Witchery Series.  But it isn't a necessary read in order to enjoy the vamp series. 

Okay, so spill.  Why write about witches and vampires?

Why vampires?  Because they're sexy and hot.  Duh.  Why Witches?  Because I'm a Wiccan Faery Witch in the Deep South.  Most people have no idea what real contemporary Witches are like unless they know one.  For example, Wicca is a peaceful, feminist nature religion.  Surprise!  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show what real Pagans are like.  My purpose was not to evangelize readers, because Pagans are not evangelical.  But just to educate those who are curious about us.  Plus, our men are soooooo sexy.  Yeah, it's been a lot of fun.  *lusty grin*

So to answer what people are probably wondering (who have just stumbled upon your new series), what's your reasoning behind doing a serial release of one book?
I just went through a period of 16 months with no new books coming out.  HORRORS!  I never planned for this to happen.  It just did.  In fact, for 23 years I've always published 2-4 new books every year to feed my fans' addiction to my work.  But last year one of my publishers went out of business, I got a new agent, and another publisher is taking waaaaay too long releasing series and books that have been finished for years.  So when I got the opportunity to publish a serial through Kittyfeather Press I jumped on it.  I thought it would be totally cool to give my fans and readers a dose of hot vampire erotica every month in the form of a serialized novel.  Kinda like a magazine.  Each issue is only 15-20 pages long, so even if you don't have an e-reader they're easy to read on computer or print out.  Yeah, I'm really excited about this.  Stephen King did a similar thing in 1996 when he serialized The Green Mile.  And Playboy Magazine runs serialized novel excerpts as well.  So I figure I'm in good company, right?  ;)

What are we going to love about A Vampire's Kiss?

Besides the fact Dray is sooooo HOT?  You're gonna love the chemistry between Dray, who is reserved and classy, and Sara, who is a free-spirited Witch with a raging hot libido.  When they aren't giving you a good case of panty-melt with their sizzling sexcapades, you'll be laughing like crazy at how they tease and torment each other.

What do you have planned for future books in The Manigault Vampires series?

Book 2 will be about Val, Dray's gorgeous, fun-loving brother.  Book 3 will be about Atwell, their very handsome cousin.  Both vampires, of course.

What's your favorite book, and why?

Demon's Fire
by Emma Holly.  She is an amazing writer.  Plus, I fell hard for Prince Pahndir.  But I tend to do that.  I was soooooo in love with Donnie in What Witches Want: Book Two of the Witchery Series it took me several months to get over him.  Now I'm falling hard for Dray.  Hell, who am I kidding?  I'm totally smitten with his vampy self.  Purrrrrrrrrr...!

Any advice for writers?

If you wanna write, do it.  And get used to rejection.  It's nothing personal.  It just helps you become a better writer.  Like I said, my work has been published in over 1000 magazines.  Know what that means?  It means I've received over 10,000 rejections.  In the beginning that helped me learn my craft.  After I became well published and had developed a style and a following I ignored those rejections.  When you get to that point there's only one thing to do.  Hit the "delete" key on your computer and keep going.  I mean, that's why they put that key on there, right?  lmao!

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

Thanks for asking.  I had a blast!  Of course my two goals in life are to have as much fun and sex as I possibly can.  This interview definitely fell under the fun category, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  Really.  Good questions!  ;)

Laura's graciously offering the first three chapters of A Vampire's Kiss to one lucky commenter.  
Interested in getting a copy?  It's easy!

Contest Guidelines:
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2. Either leave a comment about the interview or ask Laura a question.
3. Be sure to include your email in the comment so I can forward it to Ms. Stamps if you win.

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Winner will be announced April 2nd
(Laura's birthday!)


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