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I once told myself: IF I am accepted into grad school, this blog would no longer be updated. As it turns out, in April, I received news of my acceptance for the Fall 2013 semester, where I will attain a Master's degree of Science in Nutrition.

Running a blog, as many of you may already know, is a demanding side job once the excitement wears off. And once I fell out of the blogging community's loop (have you SEEN how many blogs there are now? Wow!), it was like the kiss of death. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get into a blogging routine once this happened due to the disconnect I felt from the community.

So I took a break. I struggled with the loss and with missing my blog. And then I realized I didn't have to run Book Faery to still be a book reviewer; I could read my books and post reviews online. I'm still a book review blogger, just not in the traditional sense.

I'll still be online. You can chat with me on Twitter, where I'll be posting links to my reviews and talking books. I'll also be posting links to nutrition articles. And if you'd like to connect with me where I guarantee I will post reviews, just add me as a friend on Goodreads.

So that's all, folks! It's been a fun and amazing journey, and I thank you all for listening to my thoughts about books. I hope we all can keep in touch elsewhere :)


Thursday, May 31, 2012

AAD NOLA Author Spotlight: PJ Schnyder

I've never been to New Orleans before, so I was ecstatic when the announcement for the location of Authors After Dark 2012 came out. Not only is the convention hotel in the French Quarter, but it's right on Bourbon Street.

If at any time, you can't find me scampering around Authors After Dark, I might be out getting a taste of New Orleans cooking. If there's one thing I love to explore about any city, it's the food. I'm dying to try a good gumbo, maybe some crawfish etouffee and I absolutely plan to seek out fresh beignets!

Food, and my love for it, finds its way into my stories too. Mackenzie of Heart's Sentinel explores the dining hall of the River Gap Pride and even cooks in Adam's kitchen to keep herself busy and her mind off dark fears. 

Carri enjoys lunch baskets, BBQ and decadent desserts in Red's Wolf.

While I've been working on the next book in the Terra's Guardians series, apple pie has come up more than once. LOL.

There's something about the sight, the wonderful smell and the fantastic taste of food that makes every image come to life. New Orleans will be a memorable city, both for the great experience of meeting readers at Authors After Dark and the epic foodie adventure!
I'd like to offer a free ecopy of Heart's Sentinel. To enter, leave a comment and answer this question:
When you visit a new city, what's your favorite thing to explore?

Born human, Mackenzie never wanted to be a shapeshifter. After a shifter stalks and brutally Changes her, she runs to the jaguars of River Gap pride for protection from the stalker still searching for her, to come to terms with the attack and learn to control her new, powerful cougar body.

Adam, a River Gap Sentinel, is assigned as her guard and mentor. Well aware of his strength and how new she is the shapeshifter world, he holds himself back from the flames of primal desire she ignites. But, to survive the stalker, they both need to first battle their pasts and learn what it truly means to be the sentinels of each other’s hearts.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tori's Review: A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer

May 29, 2012
Paperback: 384 pages
Price: $7.99
Publisher: Avon
Source: Amazon Vine 
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Vamp City
Buy: Amazon

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Vampires live only for lust and pleasure in the eternal twilight of Vamp City. But the city’s magic is dying. The only person who can restore it? A beautiful woman from the mortal world...one who knows nothing of the power she wields.

Quinn Lennox is searching for a missing friend when she stumbles into a dark otherworld that only she can see—and finds herself at the mercy of Arturo Mazza, a dangerously handsome vampire whose wicked kiss will save her, enslave her, bewitch her, and betray her.

What Arturo can’t do is forget about her—any more than Quinn can control her own feelings for him. Neither one can let desire get in the way of their mission—his to save his people, hers to save herself.

But there is no escape from desire in a city built for seduction, where passion flows hot and blood-red. Welcome to Vamp City...

My Rating: DNF

My Opinion:
DNF: read the first 50+ pages and could not get into this story. I'm just going to list what didn't work for me:
  • not a very interesting start in my eyes. I don't make a huge deal about the first sentence of a story (though I do appreciate it when an author writes something funny or interesting), but the first sentence in this book was just so boring and monotonous, and really set the stage for how the remainder of the chapter was like.
  • not a very interesting heroine. I still can't remember her name.
  • too much telling, not enough showing. You're told about the "love" the siblings share, told about the dedication, but you're never shown it. The brother and sister have each other's backs? Well, how heartwarming... But if you can't PROVE it, then why should I care?
  • not a lot of action, and when things do finally pick up, I honestly did not care. By the time our "hero" appears, I was bored out of my mind and couldn't take the book seriously.
  • the heroine doesn't have a lot of spunk. The part where the "hero" snaps that he is her master, and then she turns around and calls him master so easily... Ugh I don't know, it just rubbed off on me the wrong way and my amusement dissipated. Mind you, she was giving him an attitude not moments before him snapping at her, so I don't know why she would suddenly give in without a fight.

After my initial disappointment with the pacing of the story and my lack of interest, I tried to continue reading... I really did, but the only way I was able to do so was by NOT taking what I was reading "seriously." I do enjoy books that I never intend to review, and I have read plenty of books that I thought was a joke, but this one just had one thing after another that simply did not work for me.

There are, however, plenty of other reviewers who have read this story and who seemed to enjoy it. If you're looking for a review gushing about this title, then I suggest you look for those. As for me, I can't recommend this book if you have similar tastes to my own.

Series Order:
1. A Blood Seduction

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tori's Review: Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione

May 22, 2012
Paperback: 464 pages
Price: $7.99
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Source: Netgalley 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Lords of Deliverance 
Buy: Amazon

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They're here. They ride. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Born of a match between good and evil, four siblings stand between hell's minions and everything they want to destroy. They are the Lords of Deliverance, and they have the power to ward off Doomsday...or let it ride...


Thanatos, the most deadly Horseman of the Apocalypse, has endured thousands of years of celibacy to prevent the end of days. But just one night with the wickedly sexy Aegis Guardian, Regan Cooper, shatters centuries of resolve. Yet their passion comes with a price. And Thanatos must face a truth more terrifying than an apocalypse-he's about to become a father.

Demon-slayer Regan Cooper never imagined herself the maternal type, but with the fate of the world hanging in the balance she had no choice but to seduce Thanatos and bear his child. Now, as the final battle draws closer and his rage at being betrayed is overshadowed by an undeniable passion for the mother of his child, Thanatos has a life-shattering realization: To save the world, he must sacrifice the only thing he's ever wanted-a family.

My Rating:

My Opinion:
You know when you get addicted to a series or an author, and you can't help but go crazy in anticipation for the next book release? Well, ever since reading Larissa's Demonica series, that's how I've been. First it was with those books, and now it's with her HOTA series.

My craving--a craving I didn't even realize I had, what with how swamped I've been recently with grad school pre-reqs--has been temporarily satisfied. Or perhaps I should say it's been reawakened? After reading LETHAL RIDER, I'm practically salivating for the next book in the series, and yet, at the same time, I'm eerily content.

I'm wary when an author kills off characters and then revives them. I used to be a Gena Showalter junkie. Ask Karen (@teamsheltie) how I acted at BEA whenever I had the opportunity to go to a Gena signing, and she'll tell you how starstruck I'd get. Well, after one too many angsty heroes, I finally gave up on her LOTU series. I feel that there is really no suspense anymore--especially when she kills and resurrects her characters as often as she does. I hate to say this, but whenever something dramatic happens, I can't help but feel like it's a joke now.

So of course, I was wary when we started killing characters in LETHAL RIDER, and I was terrified that the heartbreaking moments and all that suspense would suddenly shrivel away in the wake of these deaths. And of course, Larissa alleviated my fears by making each scene heartbreaking and... Suspenseful! I knew people would die eventually in a series where the Apocalypse is on the world's doorstep, so I don't feel like I'm spoiling anything by stating that. I just feel that it's important to point out when an author retains his or her ability to create a tearjerking scene--or when he/she loses that power and makes coming back to life an everyday occurrence.

The suspense in Than's book is great. The plot kept me guessing, and I was anxious to see more of Pestilence. In fact, I was kind of disappointed that he didn't have as much "screen" time as the other characters, but it was also nice seeing prior heroes and heroines making another appearance this time around. The emotional punches kept on coming, and I felt myself tearing once or twice while reading. Also, I wanted to shake Than and Regan equally, which I found refreshing since there's usually only one character in a PNR who I find to be annoyingly irrational. and, of course, like any Ione book, I was glued to the pages and was pissed when I had to put my kindle down to go to bed.

Two things didn't work for me:

1) the sex scenes. Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against pregnant women, and they can have sex all they want, but I just did not find myself emotionally invested this time around when things got hot and heavy. I suppose it had more to do with the fact that I kept wondering what positions wouldn't squish their kid, and then before I knew it, they were done. There wasn't a lot of emphasis on how unsexy Regan may have felt, but the comments on her swollen feet, etc, made me, in turn, believe that she was probably feeling unsexy. And that lack of sex appeal may have reflected on my reading when the two finally did connect. Plus, a part of me felt like Than was really attracted to her this time around because she was carrying his kid.

2) Regan didn't stand out as a character. I'm not exactly sure what it was about her, but I didn't feel the usual "omg what an awesome kickass heroine!" like I did with Ione's other heroines. I wasn't a fan of Cara either, but I think I liked her more than Regan because I felt like I got to know what made her tick. In comparison, we see the speedy version of Than's relationship with Regan in an earlier book, and then in LETHAL RIDER, the two just bicker like they're an old married couple. I saw brief glimpses of Than in the earlier books, which made me appreciate him more, but Regan felt rushed.

All-in-all, I think Larissa did a great job with the next installment of her LOD series. My complaints weren't, by any means, major. For some reason, I'm a lot pickier about liking heroines than I am about the heroes, so I don't usually take my complaints too seriously when I don't like one of the female leads. As for the sex? Well, I've never been pregnant, I don't plan on being pregnant anytime soon, and for that reason, there was a bit of a disconnect regarding the sexy times. And really, the sex plays such a minuscule part in my eyes. What's important to me in this series is the story, seeing how Reseph will eventually be redeemed, and then seeing my past favorites from the Demonica series.

Recommended? Obvs. But only if you read the Demonica series first!

Series Order:
1. Eternal Rider (Tori's Review)
2. Immortal Rider (Tori's Review)
3. Lethal Rider
4. Rogue Rider (coming soon)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spellbound Blog Tour

A Few of My Favorite Things (Then & Now)
Favorite Movies Growing Up
The Parent Trap, Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story, Secret of Nimh, The Dark Crystal, Princess Bride, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music
Favorite Movies Now
Amelie, Braveheart, Run Lola Run, Life is Beautiful, Resident Evil, V for Vendetta, The Illusionist, Wedding Crashers, Meet the Parents, Office Space, The Wedding Singer
Books Then
Nancy Drew, The Babysitters Club, Matilda, Harriet the Spy, Howl’s Moving Castle, Les Miserables, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, the complete works of Jane Austen
Books Now
Historical romance, Memoir, Literary fiction, Narrative nonfiction, YA: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Divergent, Hunger Games, The Infernal Devices
Music Then
Musicals, Disney soundtracks, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, 80’s all the way!
Music Now
Enigma, Sting, Chicane, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Putumayo World Music
Life’s Dream Then & Now
Be a writer
Favorite Scene from Entangled
The day Graylee Perez wakes up in her twin sister Charlene’s body. Gray has no idea she died and finds it odd when she wakes up in Charlene’s bed. Her mom is out of town and Charlene isn’t anywhere to be found so Gray goes to school.
Once at McKinley High, Gray is further dismayed when she finds her locker has been emptied. Things get really wacky when she goes to first period and her teacher asks her what she’s doing in his class. When he calls her Charlene she immediately corrects him. However, the information is not well received.

Louder gasps, followed by a rush of whispers coming from all directions. It was like being sucked into the eye of a hurricane with chatter hurled and swirled all around her. Gray looked to Mr. Burke, imploring him with her eyes to make this charade end.
“Enough!” he shouted and the clamor stopped. Mr. Burke looked at Gray and spoke softly. “Miss Perez, please come with me.”
Gray stuffed her things inside her pack and vacated her desk. She was more than ready to get out of that room.
She joined Mr. Burke in the hallway, where he shut the classroom door behind them. Gray could practically hear the jabber begin anew the moment the door clicked in place. Hyenas. She’d like to see how her classmates handled a day in the Twilight Zone.

Download a FREE copy of Entangled on Sunday, May 27 at Amazon.
Book two,
Duplicity, released this week.

And don’t miss the Cover Reveal of book three, Enchantment, at designer Najla Qamber’s review site: Unputdownable Books on June 7th  http://unputdownablebookies.blogspot.com/

Enter below to win the SPELLBOUND SWAG PACK:
(Open Internationally)
  1. Evil Eye Amulet and Bracelet: In Duplicity, Gray wears an evil eye pendant, also known as a nazar, to protect herself from a spell that’s causing havoc over the witches and warlocks in her coven. The evil eye (a Turkish amulet) is used for both luck and protection against envy.
  2. Two Headed Quarter: Two Grays are better than none and two heads are better than one, especially when flipping over who gets to choose which movie to watch with a trick coin. Adrian returns in Duplicity and opens a magic shop.
  3. Entangled bookmark


(Entangled is available for ebook at amazon. It will return to Barnes & Noble and Smashwords once KDP select ends July 15, 2012.)

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Twin witches Graylee and Charlene Perez agree on one rule: No dating warlocks.

Not so easy when a certain rogue warlock is convinced he and Graylee belong together and will use anything, including magic, to try and impress Gray. When Charlene’s boyfriend dumps her, she threatens to kill either herself or the girl who stole Blake. Somehow, Gray ends up dead.

A Resurrection Spell Gone Wrong:

Two months after dying, Gray wakes up in Charlene’s body. As a witch, can anyone blame her mother for attempting to bring her daughter back to life? Only now Gray’s stuck sharing her sister’s body 50/50 in twenty-four hour shifts.

The race is on for Gray to find a way back inside her own body before Charlene purges her from existence. Raj McKenna is rumored to meddle in the black arts, not to mention he’s after Gray’s invisibility spell and worse – her heart. But Raj might be the only one powerful enough to save Gray from fading away forever.


Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who found paradise in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands where she is, once more, neighbors with Canada. She has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Alaska Anchorage and was a reporter before returning to her first love: fiction.

After a whirlwind romance in France, Nikki married Sébastien in March 2000. They reside with Cosmo the wonder Westie.

Find her at:

Tori's Review: The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

January 24, 2012
Hardcover: 320 pages
Price: $16.99
Publisher: Hyperion
Source: Publisher 
Genre: Young Adult... dystopian?
Series: Fallen World
Buy: Amazon

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It starts with an itch you just can’t shake. Then comes a fever and a tickle in your throat. A few days later, you’ll be blabbing your secrets and chatting with strangers like they’re old friends. Three more, and the paranoid hallucinations kick in.

And then you’re dead.

When a deadly virus begins to sweep through sixteen-year-old Kaelyn’s community, the government quarantines her island—no one can leave, and no one can come back.

Those still healthy must fight for dwindling supplies, or lose all chance of survival. As everything familiar comes crashing down, Kaelyn joins forces with a former rival and discovers a new love in the midst of heartbreak. When the virus starts to rob her of friends and family, she clings to the belief that there must be a way to save the people she holds dearest.

Because how will she go on if there isn’t?

My Rating:

My Opinion:
I'm going about writing my review a bit differently this time around because I feel this book needs a few different ratings... Here we go!

1) Readability: 5/5
The formatting of the book is somewhat unique in the sense that it is written as a journal. I haven't encountered many books written this way, so I thought it was somewhat refreshing that Crewe decided to go in this direction. The journal format truly made the virus plaguing this island more unique and haunting when we get to the end of the quarantine section of the story (the book is divided into three sections: symptoms, quarantine, and mortality). Creepy when you see some of the things written.

If you can suspend enough belief, it's almost possible to view THE WAY WE FALL as a true story, and we're reading a young woman's experience. I didn't quite feel that way, but I'm sure some people will.

The only thing that I did not enjoy about the journal format was the fact that, well, it's written (literally) in Kaelyn's POV, and so we miss out on some details because it's not like an actual first person POV story. But eh, it's not that huge a deal for me.

Characters: 2.5/5
They weren't bad, but they also weren't good, either. I wanted more character development because these characters, who could have left such a huge impression, fell flat for me. Gav was too heroic, Tessa was a phantom, Meredith was... well, frankly, I don't know what she was, but it was clear she was dumped onto Tessa because Kaelyn and her dad were too busy to take care of their cousin/niece.

The weirdest part about this story--and maybe I could chalk it up to the author's attempt at establishing some sort of positive teenage image--was the fact that the teenagers seemed way smarter and more resourceful than the adults. I could buy this if we were in some sort of dystopian society where kids had to grow up and sacrifice their childhood, but Kaelyn and the others didn't. They were normal teens with lofty aspirations. Hell, Kaelyn has a microbiologist for a father. Where are all the competent adults in this story who should lay down the law and beat the kids who are toting guns around? Why are the teens suddenly more proficient and responsible than all the adult figures when shit hits the fan?

Story: 3/5
It was an interesting approach to take, and I enjoyed the fact that Crewe did not hesitate to kill people. This wasn't some happy little love story, and there was some tragedy. The deaths that affected Kaelyn did get a bit excessive, and I felt like it was kind of a cop-out to kill all those adult figures off by the end of the book... probably to make the second book easier to write. But what do I know?

Ending: ARGH/5

I'm pissed that we get the typical BS-drag-the-story-out-into-a-series....series. I think THE WAY WE FALL would have been incredibly stronger as a stand-alone, and not because I hate cliffhangers. Because seriously? Sometimes I love them and I think they're done exceptionally well and totally reel me in to crave the next book in the series. Oftentimes, however, they piss me off because it's an obvious attempt by either the author or publisher to get readers to buy the next book in the series.

And this, seriously, felt like one of those attempts. Of course I want to read the next book, but a part of me doesn't because I don't want this series to have all that filler usually thrown into a YA series to make it longer. I enjoyed the book, I read it fast, and I was spooked enough, but I could tell by a certain point that things started to drag on. And then I can't help but think about books like BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver where the narrative was precise and that less is so much more.

Romance: Ambivalent
I liked Gav well enough, but I wish he played more of a role earlier on. The romance felt kind of forced. I'm rooting for the two, but I wish the couple was developed way more than they were.

I thought the quarantine section was the strongest of the story. Mortality (part 3) felt like it contained the most filler, and symptoms (part 1) had a few boring parts as well--primarily the attempt at Crewe's part to establish some sort of normalcy. I wish Gav played a role in this part so his character could have developed further. As it is, he seemed like way too much of a hero, and came off as 2D because of it.

Suggested reading? Only if you have night-goggles (read more about this phenomenon here) like I do. But seriously, if you can overlook my complaints, I think you'll love this book. Crewe definitely knows how to pull you in and keep you reading. If you, however, are highly critical of YAs, then I would say borrow a copy somehow, otherwise your head may implode.

Series Order:
1. The Way We Fall
2. The Lives We Lost

Friday, May 25, 2012

Do YOU suffer from night-goggles??

So I've started noticing something recently (and when I say recently, I mean for about a year now). When I begin a book during the day, more often than not, I don't enjoy it and will DNF it; however, when I read a book at night, I rant and rave about how it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Coincidence? I think not.

In fact, I am convinced I suffer from night-goggles--a phenomena I have completely just pulled out of my blogger-iffic ass.

Night-goggles © Book Faery (Tori) A bookish phenomenon in which the time of day affects one's reading enjoyment. The darker it is outside, the more physically/emotionally/mentally appealing a book becomes to the reader.
It makes sense, right? The bookish version of beer-goggles. You read a book at night, when there is absolutely NOTHING to distract you, and you think to yourself something like: "holy hell! this author is an evil genius whose brain has spawned the most epic of epic novels out there!"

But heaven forbid you don't finish the book you're reading while it's still dark out. In your anticipation to read what you so painstakingly put down in order to get some sleep the night prior, you forgo all duties the next day and continue to read that epic novel... only to realize the book isn't as epic as you once thought.

Disappointment and/or bookish depression may soon begin plaguing you as you question your reading sanity.

I have a 50/50 chance of either enjoying the book the next day, or absolutely hating it and wondering wtf happened to my brain the night before. I think it's kind of funny that certain times of the day affect my reading experience, and I love it when a book is so awesome that night-goggles does not apply.

Have you ever experienced night-goggles syndrome?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

AAD NOLA Author Spotlight: Bronwyn Green

First off, thank you so much for having me!

I can’t believe that in three ridiculously short months, I’ll actually be in New Orleans. I love history and NOLA is one of those places I’ve always wanted to go. The fact that Authors After Dark, favorite conference, is being held there is just a huge pile of whipped cream on an already freaking awesome pie.

I suppose before I get all gushy, I should introduce myself. My name is Bronwyn Green, and I write erotic romance. Mostly paranormal erotic romance, though I do have the odd contemporary or historical floating around.

My favorite characters tend to be faeries, witches, ghosts and shifters – along with the occasional time traveling knight thrown in for good measure. I love the idea of the mundane world we live in colliding with magic and the supernatural. And of course, I’m all about the hot. The hotter the better, really.

But back to NOLA, for a minute (I know, I’m like an ADHD toddler on speed some days…) I can’t wait to get out and see all the historic sites – I’m especially interested in checking out the old graveyards. And I’m dying to visit some Bourbon Street psychics. And bars. I may need them after seeing the psychics!

And I hope that all of you who are coming to AAD will come to the Resplendence Publishing Karaoke Party! We’ll not only be having a crazy good time, but will also be giving away a brand new iPad along with the winners’ choice of a pile of ebooks from all of the participating authors. We’ll also be giving away a bunch of print books and other goodies!

And as a thank you for stopping by and reading, I’m giving away (two single author) books from my backlist, so please leave your email address. And if you’re coming to AAD NOLA, please come say hi. Heck, even if you’re not, come say hi on Twitter or Facebook! I love to chat!

You can find me at:


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Author Interview: Lisa Shearin (plus giveaway!)

Please give a warm welcome to Lisa Shearin, who is stopping by Book Faery today to discuss the final book in her series, ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Connect with Lisa:
{Website} {Facebook} {Twitter} {Goodreads}

Can you please describe your Raine Benares series for those unfamiliar with your work?

Raine Benares is a seeker, which is basically a detective who uses magic to find missing people and stolen objects. At the beginning of the series (MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND) she inadvertently gets herself psychically bonded to the Saghred—a stone that gives the one bonded to it unlimited power, with a side order of insanity. Not crazy like an eccentric aunt, but take-over-the-world-and-kill-millions kind of crazy.

The entire series (all six books) takes place in an approximate three-month timeframe. That’s a lot of action in very little time, but thanks to the Saghred (and the evil megalomaniacs who want the stone for their own), Raine is in a lot of trouble with very little ways out of it.

Thanks to friends and allies (both old and new), and ill-timed romantic entanglements (it ain’t easy to fight for your life and have a relationship at the same time), Raine manages to stay one step ahead of the power-hungry elves and goblin aristocrats who want the stone and its power for their own. Unfortunately Raine can’t just give it to them. Once bonded to the Saghred, you’re bonded for life. Only death can break that bond. Yours. Understandably, Raine has a problem with that last part.

ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE is the finale of the Saghred storyline. In it, Raine and a small band of good friends, not-so-good friends, and one outright enemy (don’t ask), travel to the goblin capital of Regor in order to destroy the Saghred and kill the goblin archmage who has found a way to use the stone’s power to enslave the world. While there, Raine & Company must also renegade goblin prince on the throne. Piece of cake. Not.

Was there something specific that inspired you while writing ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE? 

I love reading thrillers. The more breakneck-speed the action is, the better. Since ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE is the culmination of the previous five books, there’s plenty of action and believe me, it moves fast. In fact, all of the books in the Raine Benares series hit the ground running, and barely slow down enough to let the characters catch their breath. Yep, I’m an evil author. ; )

Who is your favorite character from this series, and why?

Hmm, that’s like trying to pick a favorite child; you love them all, but for different reasons. I have to say that my favorite characters are the ones who weren’t expected or who were supposed to have only a minor role, and who once they had arrived, grew into so much more than I could have ever expected. Tam, Phaelan, Talon, and Piaras are the best examples of this.

Is there one particular scene in ASBL that you are dying for readers to finally read?

All of them. No, really. For those who have read the entire series, each scene in ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE will have something to love, and I hope they think the ending is as satisfying as it felt to me when I wrote it.

Please describe your heroine in one to two sentences.

Raine Benares is the kind of friend you’d want to have. She’s unwaveringly loyal to her friends, unpretentious, tough yet vulnerable, sassy and irreverent, and as long as you’re anywhere near her you’ll never have a dull moment.


Want to win a copy of this awesome novel? Well it's your lucky day! The wonderful folks at Penguin is offering an e-book copy to one blog reader. You know what that means, right? It's open internationally!

1) Leave a comment asking Lisa a question;
2) Include your email in the comment;
3) Wait for an email from me if you've won.

Series Order:
Magic Lost, Trouble Found
Armed & Magical
The Trouble With Demons
Bewitched & Betrayed
Con & Conjure
All Spell Breaks Loose (May 29, 2012)

My name is Raine Benares—and it sucks to be me. The Saghred, a soul-stealing stone that has given me unlimited power, has been stolen by a goblin prince, and with it went my magic. The Saghred is in the goblin capital of Regor, in the hands of Sarad Nukpana, who’s on the verge of becoming the most powerful mage ever...just as soon as I’m dead.

Because Sarad can’t use the stone while I’m alive. Incentive enough to plan a little trip to Regor with a small band of good friends, not-so-good friends, and outright enemies. All we need to do is destroy the Saghred, kill Sarad, and put a renegade prince on the throne. Did I mention I’ll be doing this without magic?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

AAD NOLA Author Spotlight: Jaye Wells

The St. Charles Streetcar
By Jaye Wells

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, chances are good you’re familiar with the St. Charles streetcar. It runs from Canal Street deep into the heart of the Garden District. Tickets are cheap and it’s a great way to see some of the city’s landmarks without wearing out your feet.  
For more than 150 years, the streetcars have run the same route—past Lee Circle, Loyola, Tulane, Audubon Park, and many other landmarks of the Garden District and Riverbend.   
NewOrleansNeighbourhoodsThere’s something both charming and anachronistic about a streetcar in today’s society. It’s not a high-speed train—you don’t get anywhere fast. There’s no air conditioning and the windows are old and quite often stuck. I guess it’s sort of like a time machine back to an era when everyone wasn’t in such a hurry and took time to enjoy the scenery. 
In my book, GREEN-EYED DEMON, the characters use the streetcar to get around sometimes, but no major scenes took place on one. So when it was time for the characters to revisit New Orleans at the beginning of BLUE-BLOODED VAMP, I knew the perfect setting for the first scene. 

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One of BLUE-BLOODED VAMP (out June 1):
The streetcar’s wheels hissed against their tracks, signaling a stop. Frowning, I squinted out the windows, trying to see how many more until we reached First. But the trolley hadn’t stopped at an intersection. Instead, it had squealed to a halt in the middle of the grassy median that held the tracks. I looked around to check if any of the other passengers had pulled the emergency stop cord.

The birthmark on my left shoulder suddenly itched and burned, like a warning. That’s when I realized all the other passengers were unnaturally still. Two old ladies near the front leaned toward each other with their mouths open. One had a hand raised in midair to make a point, but it didn’t move.

My gaze swiveled toward Adam. His head was bowed like a man at prayer. His hand was still on my thigh, but he wasn’t moving either.

I shook his shoulder. “Adam?” I whispered.

Nothing. I waved a hand under his face.


“Shit.” I turned and looked at the other passengers—the middle-aged dude with his much-younger mistress, the gangly teen with headphones glued to his ears, even the streetcar operator—everyone, frozen. A quick glance outside the windows revealed that every car and body on the street had gone still as well. It was as if someone had hit a universal pause button.

So why was I still mobile?

I’m incredibly excited that I get to incorporate the streetcar into the tour I’ve put together for AAD NOLA this summer. We’ll ride the streetcar into the Garden District and visit several real settings that appear in the Sabina Kane series. It’s going to be a blast!

About Jaye:
After several years as a magazine editor and freelance writer, Jaye Wells finally decided to leave the facts behind and make up her own reality. Her overactive imagination and life-long fascination with the arcane and freakish blended nicely with this new career path. Her Sabina Kane urban fantasy series is a blend of dark themes, grave stakes and wicked humor. Jaye lives in Texas with her saintly husband and devilish son. For more about her books, please visit her web site. Also find Jaye on Twitter and Facebook.

The epic conclusion to the amazing Sabina Kane urban fantasy series.

Sabina Kane is on the hunt. Her prey: Cain, the father of the vampire race and the one who murdered her family and her friends. Unfortunately, Cain is hunting Sabina, too.

The one man who holds the key to defeating Cain is, of course, Abel. A mage with secrets to spare and, hopefully, the power to match it. Unfortunately, for Sabina, he's in Rome and may not want to be found.

Sabina sets out for Italy with her friends, Giguhl and Adam Lazarus, to track down the only man who can get her the revenge she hungers for. But will he help her or oppose her? And just who is Abel, really? Worst of all, when Sabina figures out the goddess Lilith has a plan for her-she realizes this trip is getting deadlier by the minute. As they say: when in Rome-SURVIVE.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tori's Review: Undercurrent by Tricia Rayburn

July 12, 2011
Paperback: 352 pages
Price: $8.99
Publisher: Egmont USA 
Source: BEA 2011 
Genre: Paranormal, YA
Series: Siren 
Buy: Amazon

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The sirens are back, but Vanessa may be the biggest threat of all. . . .

Nothing has been normal since Vanessa Sands learned that her sister was murdered by sirens—femme fatales of the watery depths—and that everything she believed about her family was a lie.

Her boyfriend Simon’s been the only person Vanessa feels she can really trust. But now there are some secrets she can’t tell even him. And when Vanessa finds herself in the sights of Parker, Hawthorne Prep’s resident charmer, she needs someone to confide in more than ever. Doubting her relationship with Simon, unsure of Parker’s intentions—and of her own—and terrified by what she’s learned about herself, Vanessa has never felt so alone.

But personal problems must be put aside, because the Winter Harbor sirens are back for revenge. Now, Vanessa must face her past and accept that she is just like her enemies—every bit as alluring, every bit as dangerous.

My Rating:

My Opinion:
UNDERCURRENT is the first book I've read in months. Yes, MONTHS! I've been so busy with these courses I'm taking in preparation for grad school that my brain just has not been cooperating when it comes to reading books. And then whenever it actually did cooperate, there was this little issue with me suffering from a nearly lethal dosage of book burnout.

But today, something snapped. Perhaps it's because I'm finally overcoming my cold. Or perhaps it's because I was craving a well-written story that would totally distract me for my first day off (in a while) with no worries about statistics or the human body. Either way, UNDERCURRENT had me hooked from front cover to back, and as I snapped the ARC shut, I groaned in disappointment.

I need book 3 NOW.

Tricia's got a way with words. The way she's developed Vanessa's voice is beautifully done. It's easy for the words to blur away and for her (Vanessa's) actual voice to echo in my mind as I'm reading. I feel like, instead of simply reading about Vanessa's adventures, she's telling them to me herself over a cup of coffee. I can't say that this sort of experience happens often, but I am delighted to say that it happened for the second time in this series.

And now I will begin jumping from point to point. Forget about an eloquent review here... I don't have it in me to write one yet.

The only negative in this story: Simon got on my nerves a little bit. He came off as wimpy, and in turn, Vanessa came off as heartless and weak at times. I wanted to smack him and tell him to grow a pair--especially since he's in college and shouldn't be such a lovesick puppy dog. By the middle of the book, I was happy with what happened... but then by the end, I was growling in frustration. Not so happy anymore!

I enjoyed how Tricia developed Vanessa's relationship with her parents. In most YAs, parents are notoriously absent from their child's lives... which, I mean, is great for certain stories, but not so great for others--which, in turn, feels like a cop out on the author's part. It was refreshing seeing an author embrace the family ties, as opposed to severing them for the sake of having an easier time with a story.

Don't get me wrong--Vanessa's parents aren't strict or anything, so it's not like our heroine suffered from nagging parents who insisted on a ridiculous curfew she HAD to follow. They exist in this world for another reason entirely, and I loved that reason. Kudos Tricia!

It's been a year and a half since I read SIREN, so when I first began UNDERCURRENT, I was quite a bit foggy on details. I couldn't initially remember who Paige was until the story progressed a bit further, and you know, I was totally okay with that. Once again I use the word "refreshing" in regards to this YA novel, because... we didn't get bogged down with page after page of recapping what happened in book one. Instead, Tricia started the story off strong (WOW what a beginning!) and subtly added a hint here or there to jog a reader's memory.

For those jumping on board to the series now without reading SIREN... well, you're going to be confused without so much rehashing, but I'm sure you'll get the jist of what's going on. I suggest reading SIREN first if you haven't, though. This series is perfect. The plot is interesting, there is enough of a mystery to keep you guessing (so many twists!), and the characters are all strong enough to stand on their own.

Suffice to say, this book and series is highly recommended for ALL the people who follow my reviews and look for my book recs. You won't be disappointed.

Series Order:
1. Siren (Tori's review)
2. Undercurrent

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Giveaway: Wrecked by Anna Davies

Thanks to the wonderful people at Simon & Schuster and Big Honcho Media, two lucky US participants will receive a copy of WRECKED by Anna Davies!

To enter, simply leave a comment with:
1) your email address
2) your answer to the following question: "What is your favorite/least favorite element of the WRECKED book cover?"

Secrets of the sea have never been sexier than this.

Ever since the death of her parents, Miranda has lived on Whym Island, taking comfort in the local folklore, which claims a mysterious sea witch controls the fate of all on the island and in its surrounding waters. Sometimes it’s just easier to believe things are out of your control.    

But then a terrible boating accident takes the lives of several of her friends, and Miranda is rescued by a mysterious boy who haunts her dreams. Consumed by guilt from the accident, she finds refuge in late-night swims—and meets Christian, a boy who seems eerily familiar, but who is full of mystery: He won’t tell her where he is from, or why they can only meet at the beach. But Miranda falls for him anyway…and discovers that Christian’s secrets, though meant to protect her, may bring her nothing but harm.    

Seductive and compelling, Wrecked brings a contemporary, paranormal twist to a classic enchanting tale.

Wrecked by Anna Davies - Extended Excerpt

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AAD NOLA Author Spotlight: Melissa Schroeder

When Brandy Walker, my personal assistant, and I went to Hawaii, I took a side trip up to the North Shore and spent some time with the hero of my newest release, A Little Harmless Fascination. Conner Dillon made an appearance in A Little Harmless Lie as the former FBI agent who had been looking for Dee for years. In ALH Fascination, we find our former agent, now security specialist, at a crossroads in his own life. Ordered to take a rest after a visit to the ER, Conner begrudgingly goes to
Hawaii. Of course, by the time I meet him, he is happily settled into the Hawaiian lifestyle.

He’s not a huge man, although he is tall with a swimmer’s build. It is hard to miss the lean, sculpted muscles mainly because the man meets me wearing a tank top and a pair of board shorts. He looks just as good in that as he probably did in the power suits he used to wear. The steel grey eyes were shaded with sunglasses the moment we stepped outside, but he didn’t put on any shoes.

We are sitting on the Lanai that overlooks a tiny bit of a beach. The house itself is small but situated in an area I personally love. You get a great view of the mountains along with the ocean. Jillian made us lava flows and then retreated back into the house to write. She’s an author on deadline, so I know better than to mess with her.

MEL: Thanks so much for having me over today. Brandy and I were thrilled that you could make time.

CONNER: smiles First of all I am lucky that I have little to do these days. I still keep in touch with the business, but I don’t feel the need to know every little thing that is going on. That’s nice. Plus, it’s my favorite time of the day right now. Tide is rising, there are some surfers out, and the breeze is nice. Speaking of we, where did Brandy go?

MEL: I laugh. She got her lava flow and headed over to talk to Adam and Mick. She has her own bike so she wanted to chat a bit about that. So, I guess we should get down to the interview just in case Jillian wants to do something tonight.

CONNER: She’s in a zone. I won’t see her for a while. In fact, there is a good chance I will be in bed for her which is always a sad thing.

MEL: So, you came over here to relax, then you got involved with Jillian. Other than the obvious, Jillian, what are the other things that make you want to live here?

CONNER: I would have never thought I would say this, but the slower pace of life is the thing I like the best.

MEL: So, you were sick of the rat race?

CONNER: Now sure if I was sick of it, or it just made me sick. I lived it for so long it was just part of my life. Shrugs. It wasn’t until I came here that I knew what I was looking for something different.

MEL: What are some of the other reasons?

CONNER: I have friends here. Micah and Dee, and to an extent, the Aiona and Duprees are now regular visitors. And Maria Carino, formerly Callahan, is here too. Her father trained me and I trained her so we’ve known each other a long time. It was good to reconnect.

MEL: So onto the really personal stuff. You’re a Dom.

He nods and takes a drink.

MEL: There has been much talk of BDSM in the media as if it is new or new to the romance book scene. But, as someone pointed out, much of the discussion is from the female point of view. For you, what do you get out of your lifestyle?

CONNER: It isn’t that I can pinpoint things and say exactly what I get because like every one else, each relationship is different. When I started out years ago, it was to gain some control. I used to have an issue with my temper when I was younger. Not with women, but in sports, work, etc. If I wanted to be an agent, I had to gain some control over that. And from that, I started researching BDSM. It wasn’t something I just fell into. I started getting interested when I realized I liked to control things, then it opened a whole new world to me.

MEL: So, what does it do for you a Dom? I understand the side of the submissive, and I am sure a lot of my readers do. But, since it has been ignored a bit, can you tell us what you gain from the experience as the Dominant.

CONNER: For me, it is a connection that cannot be beat. These days, everyone talks about love and trust. Personally, I don’t think you can have love without the trust. If you don’t, it seems warped in some way. How can you truly say you love someone but don’t trust them? With BDSM, from the Dom point of view, this just takes it to another level. A sub has to really trust the person he or she is with to allow them that control. This sub is giving you a gift their pleasure. There are different levels with different people just like other relationships. It is when you know you have that true connection, when everything is for you to take, and to give back, that you can get that true connection. It doesn’t happen that often.

MEL: And other than Jillian, have you had that connection with anyone else.


MEL: There has been much talk about this in the media that being a submissive means they give up complete control so that the submissive is lesser and that putting women in that position you leave them vulnerable for abuse.

CONNER: A person, because not all submissives are women, in that position actually has more power than most people give think. A good Dom knows how to push their sub to the limits, but it is the sub who ultimately can hold back the control. That person has to trust his or her Dom to give over that control. For people who live in the life, that is the ultimate goal—to have a perfect balance between the Dom and sub.

Before I can respond to that, the sliding glass door opened behind me and Jillian steps out.

CONNER: Hey, babe, all done?

JILLIAN: Sure enough. I was thinking I was in the mood for some fish tacos. Do you and Brandy want to come?

MEL: We have a luau to get to and looking at the time, I will need to tear her away from Adam and Mick if we can get back to Honolulu in time.

Ten minutes later, I am pulling out of the small driveway so that Brandy and I can make it to our Luau happy to have enjoyed a small glimpse into the happiness that Conner and Jillian now share.

Melissa is the author of over thirty five books in the last eight years. She spends her days complaining about bugs and the heat and dreams of her husband’s Air Force retirement in the cool Northwest. She loves to interact with readers and she can be found all over the place. Her next release is Possession, the second of book of the Harmless spinoff A Little Harmless Military Romance series.


Conner and Jillian’s story is now out in digital!


Wanting her isn't smart, seducing her is inevitable, but falling in love with her could be downright deadly for both of them.

A Little Harmless Fascination
Harmless Book 7

Security expert Conner Dillon isn’t a man who often takes a vacation. So when he is ordered to take a month off and his sister insists on a trip to Hawaii, he isn’t very happy. But, after seeing his landlady Jillian Sawyer again, he might just find something—or someone—to occupy his time.

For years, Jillian has always had a crush on Conner. Now an erotic romance author with a thing for Doms, she finds herself beyond intrigued by the man. He is good to the core, but there is something else darker in him that calls to her.

After one night in bed, they both find themselves addicted. In Jillian, Conner has found the perfect sub…and in him she finds someone she can trust. Falling in love isn’t what they expected, but walking away is impossible—especially when they realize someone wants Jillian dead.

WARNING this book contains the following: An uptight security expert who prefers schedules, a romance writer who does not, tattoos, a trip to the Aloha Swap Meet, two hunky neighbors who irritate our hero, Hawaiian scenes, and of course this would not be a Harmless book without a trip to Rough 'n Ready. Ice is recommended as any Harmless Addict will tell you, but the author takes no responsibility if a reader should become overheated. Read at your own risk.

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Alice's Review: Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Released: 13th March 2012
Paperback: 258 pages
Price: AU$21.95
Publisher: Atom
Source: Book Depository
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Action
Series: The Chronicles of Nick
Series Order:
1. Infinity (my review)
2. Invincible (my review)
3. Infamous
4. Inferno (17th March 2013)
Go to school. Get good grades. Stay out of trouble. That’s the mandate for most kids. But Nick Gautier isn’t the average teenager. He’s a boy with a destiny not even he fully understands. And his first mandate is to stay alive while everyone, even his own father, tries to kill him. He’s learned to raise the dead, divination and clairvoyance, so why is learning to drive and keep a girlfriend so hard?

But driving isn’t the primary skill he has to master. Survival is. And in order to survive, his next lesson makes all the others pale in comparison. He is on the brink of becoming either the greatest hero mankind has ever known – or he’ll be the one who ends the world. With enemies new and old gathering forces, he will have to call on every part of himself to fight or he’ll lose everyone he cares about. Even himself.
My Rating
My Opinion: Kind of freaking out right now, guys. Because I just found out that Infinity, the first book in this AMAZING series, has got movie rights and will be filmed next year!!!

So once again, Sherrilyn has left the end of the previous book with a big, fat cliffhanger: Nick's just found out that his grumpy uncle Ambrose is HIM FROM THE FUTURE. So the book starts off with Nick having a big freak out, kind of like I did back when I figured it out in the first book, and then ANOTHER freak out when he realises that he will also become a Dark-Hunter and what made him turn. Lots of drama in the first three pages.

I don't want to go into too much detail about what happens since I don't want to ruin it for you guys, but let's just say I was on the edge of my seat, so to speak, holding my breath in anticipation of what would happen next. It was hard to even take a break from reading this!

Like the previous to books, this contains a lot of action as well as a bit of romance as Nick and his girlfriend Kody battle the dark forces out to get him. As well as that, we get to know Nick's father, Adarian, a little bit better and we find out the circumstances of Nick's conception. This made me feel sooooo bad for Nick's mum, Cherise! The one character that I didn't like was Cherise, Nick's mum, because she's so hard on Nick. She won't let him date because she thinks he'll get a girl pregnant! I just couldn't believe how little she trusted Nick and how she so easily thinks the worst in him. Cherise needs a little bit of this:

My favourite parts in this book included my favourite character, Acheron. Gosh, I just love him so much! He's such a badass but he's also so kind and amazing. I gotta say, his book is my favourite out of all the DH novels.

My verdict:
This series doesn't have a second or third book syndrome, where the sequels just aren't as good as the first. These just get better and better!

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AAD NOLA Author Spotlight: Megan Grooms

Thank you for letting me guest post.  I'm so excited about AAD. This is my third year going and first year as a featured author. I have one full length book out right now called Finding Samantha. This was released last year around this time. I had hoped to have the second one releasing now however life has gotten in the way as I had my son in January and we are working on our house so we can sell it. The second book in the Rolling Hills Ranch series follows John, it's called Loving Allison. It's about halfway written I just have not had time to do the other half. This book is about John, who we have already had the pleasure of meeting in the first book and his sisters best friend. When his sister comes to visits and brings along Allison. John isn't sure he should give in to his feelings for Allison because it's his sisters best friend. He also knows they are only there for a visit and can't stand the thought of her leaving him after such a short time. John is one of my favorite characters that I have created. He's so lovable like a big teddy bear and he's so sweet.

My plan is to do Jo's story after that and I've already written some on his as well. I also have some young adult books that I am trying to polish up and send to my publisher. I've got so many people running around in my head sometimes I feel a little crazy and they get restless when I'm not writing. I once tried to explain that  I have a lot of people talking to me in my head at once and he thought I was crazy. We went to a book signing of one of my favorite authors and she said the same thing. My husband just looked at me, laughed, and said OK these are your people.

My short stories are Handsome Stranger, Hestia's vacation and Halloween Madness. Hestia's Vacation is in a anthology with four other authors who are absolutely amazing! All three short stories are at All Romance ebooks and Hestia's Vacation is available to buy as a book on the kindle with the other books. It's in Love's Immortal Pantheon Vol. 5. Each one is a short romance but hopefully you will be able to to connect with the characters in it as well as I have. Writing short stories was a challenge for me because I get so hooked on the people I create I usually don't want to let them go, that's why most of my books will be in series.

Anyone can go to my website and check out all the books and read short excerpts from them. You can also learn more about me or ask me any questions you may have.   I can't wait to meet all of you at AAD and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as  I have the last two years.

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AAD NOLA Author Spotlight: Eliza Gayle

Hi there! My name is Eliza Gayle and I write shapeshifters and BDSM romance…. Mostly. Sometimes I step outside the imaginary box and drift into my world of fae, the witches I adore, and the occasional vampire. Give me a minute and I’ll probably try something else.

I occasionally even thrown in some erotica, but more often than not it ends up turning romantic. The one common denominator in all of my genres is my love to write HOT. I learned a long time ago to write what I most loved to read and more often than not you’ll find an erotic romance on my iPad or nook.

I love the challenge of recreating sexual tension and chemistry between the characters after every love scene until the attraction is palpable and your ereader is threatening to combust. Yeah, that kind of heat.

My latest release is Vampire Awakening and there isn’t much more I find sexy than an alpha male Vamp. Except maybe an alpha male cowboy vamp. ;) Yes, it’s true Caleb is an uber sexy southern cowboy.

While vampires are often written at all different heat levels, I happen to think sex and these night creatures go hand in hand. If not for that sexy aura and irresistible alluring charm they’d probably just be another monster hiding in the dark. (In my mind all vampires should be like Eric in True Blood. Of course, I’m only a tad bit biased.)

In Vampire Awakening, Caleb meets sexy waitress and singer, Abby and is mesmerized by everything about it. He might be on a mission but his end game is all about the woman he must have. Go get her Caleb!

The truth may set her free but there's no guarantee she'll recover.

Abby Douglas has lived in the dark for six months. Until a mysterious package and a voice in a dream spark a chain of events she didn't see coming. To futher complicate matters, a lethally stunning stranger walks into her life and awakens erotic needs inside her that run deep. Now she has to decide how much she'll give up to unlock her memories.

Caleb Barrett, a vampire on a mission, pursues Abby while on the hunt for a homicidal vampire. Instead he's captured by a silken voice and haunting eyes that stir an insatiable hunger. An instant connection is forged and Caleb marks her as his own with no intention of letting her go. When she runs from him all bets are off and this dead sexy cowboy will do whatever it takes to find out what secrets her mind harbors before it's too late. Rules or no rules.

Suddenly being careful what you wish for is more than just another cliché, it's life or death.

This books contains one sexy as sin, motorcycle riding, black leather wearing vampire with a two track mind. Sex and blood.

For more about Eliza’s books, including free reads and excerpts, visit her website at

You can also follow her on Twitter @elizagaylebooks or on Facebook where she spends way too much time procrastinating. http://www.facebook.com/AuthorElizaGayle


Eliza is offering one lucky winner a print or ebook copy of her novel, BOUND MY MAGICK! In order to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and provide your email address so we can contact you at the end of the giveaway :) 

In Eliza Gayle's thrilling Pentacles of Magick series, four alpha male witches are bound by magick and a dark curse destined to destroy their souls. When the woman they've been taught to fear enters their lives, the brothers are forced to face the truth--all of it.

Amidst seduction, lies, betrayal, and powerful magick a quest begins to find four women, all born on the same day before it's too late.

The clock is ticking...

This 4 in 1 anthology includes Untamed Magick, Magick Ignited, Force of Magick, and Magick Provoked.

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AAD NOLA Author Spotlight: Jae Lynne Davies

The Challenges of Writing from the Antagonist’s POV
by Jae Lynne Davies

While I wrap up final edits on Blood Moon, the second installment in my Mythic series, I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting.

I’ll begin this post by stating a hard fact: Writing a story isn’t easy. Sure we can outline to our heart’s content, but once the process begins, the creative muse might just have a few tricks up her sleeve. The story often takes a few different paths on the way to completion and there are days where creativity doesn’t flow as well as others. But what I found most exciting during my process, were the challenges I faced while writing my villains.

I enjoy villains, maybe a smidge more than the hero or heroine because of the character complexities and the fact I can make him or her as diabolical as I’d like. The canvas for my villains is clear. There are little rules or boundaries, provided the character fits the storyline, and with no rules…Game on.

Throughout the process, I explored a wicked side of life where inhibitions aren’t a factor and a conscience is practically obsolete, but not without challenges. Once you cross a line with the villain, where is the point of no return? Did I make him evil enough? These are questions I asked myself constantly throughout the story. This is where I trust the reader.

The antagonists that really heat my blood are those redeemable bad boys or the anti-hero. There’s something irresistible and incredibly sexy about bad boys who are evil for a reason, a conflict of epic proportion that can be overcome in a subsequent story with a heroine that suits him and makes him want to be a better man. But the fact remains clear that he’ll always have an edge about him, regardless of the HEA. And I’m willing to bet I’m not alone in my attraction to villains.

In my own personal writing experience, the antagonist’s passion is conveyed through a massive display of power and undeniably hot love scenes. At every turn, I’ve experienced a good amount of difficulty creating a villain who couldn’t be redeemed. I feel they all deserve a chance to be heard, for the layers to be peeled away to unveil a glorious revelation with a ‘wow’ factor that’s out of this world.

For example, in my latest novel, Blood Moon, we see vampire Dante Diakos rise to power and claim his birthright by invoking the power of the Greek pantheon on the summit of Mount Olympus. Once the ritual is complete, Dante will be the most powerful being on earth. Tunnel vision drives him to the brink of madness and while his motivation seems irrational to others, he has his reasons that lead to some of the most passionate moments I’ve ever penned.

Dante has been an absolute pleasure to write as I explore the depths of what makes the villain tick and I certainly hope to explore the matter further as my craft continues to improve and I grow as an author.

My question to all of you, is how evil do you like your villains? Do you enjoy those irreprehensible characters who deserve to be blasted into the outer reaches of the universe, never to be heard from again? Or do you prefer the redeemable bad boy with a large heart and a huge…attitude?

I want to thank the lovely, Tori for inviting me to her blog today. I had a wonderful time being here and hope to see a few of you at AAD in August. Happy Reading!

Jae Lynne Davies is a wife, mother and author who wishes there were more hours in a day to balance all three and her full-time job, but whenever she finds a spare moment, you’ll find her sitting in front of her laptop typing the next chapter! Jae Lynne currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband and two children.

To learn more about Jae Lynne and her work, please visit her website: http://www.jaelynnedavies.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Jae-Lynne-Davies/100001587731488

Twitter: http://twitter.com/JaeLynneDavies

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/jaelynnedavies

Mythic is available online at: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_9?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=jae+lynne+davies&sprefix=jae+lynne%2Caps%2C181

Centuries after the death of her family, human/vampire hybrid, Gianna Marino is determined to shed the blood of the vampire responsible.

Disguising herself as a human wanting to be turned, she infiltrates the enemy’s coven with the hope of bending him to her will and destroying him from the inside.

But when a handsome stranger enters the scene and is lured into their seductive game that results in a heated love triangle, she discovers a secret that blurs the lines between good and evil, forever changing the course of her existence, and destiny will soon determine on which side she’ll stand.


Want to win an e-book copy of Mythic? All you have to do is leave a comment answering Jae's question at the end of her guest post!

  • Open internationally.
  • Leave an email address so we can contact you if you win.