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Monday, May 31, 2010

(Giveaway) Vampires versus Werewolves: Which side are YOU on?

I’m on Team Werewolf. Find out more.

In the battle of vampires versus werewolves, "who has the potential to be awesomest?"  Would it be vamps, with their pasty skin, or weres, with their ability to shift into a giant wolf?  I think it's clear which side I've chosen, but if you're still on the fence, then this post will hopefully help you decide why Team Werewolf Bootlegger is better.

Why you should NOT vote for Team Vampire Lumberjack
  • NO SEXY TANS!  Who wants a pasty, sickly looking Vampire Lumberjack who will blend in with the snow?
  • He'd be chopping down trees during the dead of night, so if you live near his workspace, you can be sure you're not getting your beauty sleep for the night.  Or week.  Or month.
  • He has fangs.  They're pointy.  He bites you with those chompers and you're gonna bleed.
  • ....Which will probably make him want to suck your blood.
  • ....Which means when it's your "time of the month" he's probably going to want to devour you.  In the bad way.
  • Vampires have that weird tendency to not breathe or blink sometimes.
  • He's a friggin' walking corpse.  You wanna sleep with or kiss a dead body?  That's your prerogative.

Why you should vote for Team Werewolf Bootlegger
  • Werewolves are warm.  Winter is the perfect excuse to get dirty with your were.  He'll warm you up pronto!
  • He's going to be tan because he can actually be out in the sun.  Hot bod, nice tan.  You two can go to the beach together!
  • Free alcohol, 'nuff said.
  • They're possessive, but in a good way.  Don't you want a man to love, to crave, and to desire only to be with you?  Wouldn't it be nice not to have to worry about being dinner or a quick snack?  With a werewolf for a mate, you can count on not being dessert.  Well... you know what I mean.
  • He'll be passionate.  You know your arguments will be fiery, but that just means the makeup sex after will be worth the fight.
  • Because werewolves mate for life, you'll never have to worry about him cheating on you--he wouldn't dream of it.
  • They can shapeshift into a wolf.  That's like... the coolest thing ever.  You can play fetch with your lover.  Win!
  • You have the perfect protector.  If someone wants to talk trash, you can count on your were to defend your honor.  Nobody's gonna talk smack about his mate without getting a fist in the face!
  • Werewolves are naturally social creatures, so you'll never have to worry about being alone ever again.
  • You also never have to worry about whether or not your lover will cuddle with you after sex.  You know he will.
  • And speaking of sex, you KNOW werewolves are going to be kinky bed partners.  Sure there will be biting, but there won't be blood sucking involved with those love bites.
  • He'll be an excellent provider.  You can be sure that you won't have many money problems considering he's been alive for an extremely long time, allowing you plenty of time to focus on your own life goals/dreams.
  • He'll want to pamper you.
  • He'll eventually want kids with you.  And how cute would it be to have werewolf babies?
  • He'll know how to seduce you properly.
  • He'll be super supportive of whatever you do.

So there you have it!  Those are my reasons why Weres are way more awesome than Vamps.  What do you all think about this?  Which side are YOU on?

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  1. I've tried to read books specifically about werewolves but it's really hard to stay focused. Maybe I'm not reading the right ones. But I will say the werewolves in vampire books I've read are pretty amazing. I don't know, I love them both. But I think I still prefer vampires for now.
    There is Jacob and Alcide--who I love....but every vampire book I've read I've always been on the vamp's team!!

  2. Weres beat vamps any day of the week for one simple reason: they won't ask you to change to be with them. For a vampire, you'd have to go nocturnal, and that is just way too difficult. Imagine all the sleepless nights... er, days, I mean! Awful.

  3. Unfortunately, my opinion on this debate is horribly skewed because of two simple words: Ian Somerhalder. If he could just get a part playing a werewolf...

    When I read books, I always seem to be on the vampire team, but I think for me personally... definitely werewolf. As long as we can work something out about my dog, because I would prefer she wasn't eaten.

  4. @Shanise: Definitely aren't then. If you like Scottish accents, then I highly suggest you read the PNR Kresley Cole writes. Sexy werewolves, super sexy Scottish accents. You're going to melt into a puddle

    @Cade: Amen to that! I didn't even think of how you'd have to give up the sun.

    @Allison: When I read books, I like both sides. But for me personally, I would prefer a were :)

  5. I like to read books about both vampires and werewolves, but I agree, werewolves are warmer. Also in the wintertime, you can just snuggle up to you guy in his were form and he'll keep ya warm.

    Also, being with a vampire when you're a girl... yea, you're gonna need several crosses and drink lots of holy water when it's your time of the month. Ick.

    Besides, your flow is only dead blood, double ick.

  6. Werewolves are the bad boys and I always go with the bad boys. :)


  7. I do like their weres but I'm a vampire girl all the way. Adam is going to be great :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  8. Definitely werewolves.

    @Shanise- you are definitely not reading the right books.

    Werewolves are just full of awesomesauce.

  9. Woohoo! Team Werewolf Bootlegger!

    That's right..who wants a vamp chopping wood all night..LOL

  10. I am so Team Werewolf! August for me is going to be all Were books (still gathering a list)!

  11. Sorry, although I like werewolves, and the werewolf bootlegger sounds hot, I have to go with Team Vampire Lumberjack.

  12. Wow, this is one cool-cat of a contest. :)
    Anyway, if I'm being completely honest, I love both equally the same.
    I know, I know... But both are so hot!
    Love, Hannah

  13. Oh, I'm team wolf! I can't help myself, but ever since I read Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other, I've been hooked on the sexy Scottish Lykae. I just love a sexy Alpha male, and too many vamps are dark, brooding, self-loathing males. (with the exception of JR Ward's)

    @Cade:I never thought about a vamp male messing with my sleep schedule! good point

    @Felicia: post a list when you get it! My 30th b-day's in August, and I'll give the hubby that list of yours

  14. I'm kind of more team vamps mostly because I'm thinking Eric from Sookie/True blood - corpse or not that guy is hot hot hot! BUT you have made good points and I can be swayed by the loyalty/turning into a wolf :-) I think I just have to see/read a good one to convince me.

  15. it's gotta be vampires, theres something almost appealing about falling in love ansd being able to spend eternity together without one of you dying

  16. Sorry, but all I have to say to that is....TEAM VAMPIRE LUMBERJACK!

  17. @insane: Yeah, I don't mind reading novels that have both. In fact, I do enjoy vampire stories. Buuut... if I had to choose one for myself, it would be werewolves all the way!

    @Jase: Couldn't have said it better myself

    @Stephanie G: Yeah, I really wish I had an e-reader so I could buy a copy and devour it ASAP. As it is, I need to save up for one :(

  18. @Breia: They are alllll that with a side of po-ta-to chips.

    @Mandi: LMAO exactly. While I love being up at night, I'd still like to... you know... go outside in the sunlight with my S/O sometimes lol

    @Felicia: Shoot me an email if you need suggestions. You are talking to a rabid werewolf fan.

    ...hmm, maybe that's not the best description I could have used...

  19. @Barbara: Fair enough. But you're missing out!

    @Hannah: I've got an idea. You can have the vamp, and I'll take the were *so not sharing her werewolf*

    @HighlandHussy: DUDE you're a Kresley fan!? I didn't particularly like A Hunger Like No Other (Lachlan was a hottie though), but I am in LOVE with Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night. Bowen is my absolute favorite werewolf. So jealous of Mari :P

  20. @Karen: Well let me know if you want a good werewolf book list! I've got a bunch *cackles*

    @Mel: You can do the same with werewolves! Just have them turn you into a werewolf. That would be SO cool being able to turn into a wolf. And, I could still eat pasta. Win!

    @Chelsea: Tsk, tsk. You can keep your Lumberjack!

  21. I would be on the Vampire team!! Werewolves scare me!!


  22. I kind of have a thing where kissing and touching my neck is a turn on, so I am going to have to go with Vampires, just more sensuality there.

    tiffanyniekro at gmail dot com

  23. @Midwestern: They do!?!? I think you need a few good books to help remedy that.

    @Tiffany: Hey now, werewolves can nibble!

  24. Ra Ra go Team Werewolf go.

    Hmm now combine a werewolf and sexy irish accent (black irish though), through in the mystery of staying one step ahead of the law and what do you have?
    Heaven on legs I say

  25. I am all team werewolf. I love how were's will never cheat and will always be true to the one they love. Since I'm a hopeless romantic so I'd love a guy who would put up with me! " With a werewolf for a mate, you can count on not being dessert" I love that!

    @Cade I really do need my sleep so I completely agree with you!
    @Tori I haven't really read a good werewolf book lately, got any suggestions?

  26. Werewolves but I really do like them both. I guess its all about the character for me :)

  27. I am definitely on the team werewolf. He can keep me nice and warm during the winter months. At least we would always have mooseburgers.

  28. You had me at "NO SEXY TANS!" Boo vampires! Go Team Werewolf Bootlegger!

  29. I do love my weres, and can't get enough of them either. But I bet it's not hard for anyone to figure out that I'm Team Vampire Lumberjack all the way!

  30. I love reading books about both, but if it comes down to which I want to curl up to, then it's no doubt a were! So warm and cuddly!

  31. Great post and I'm With you!
    Team Werewolf Bootlegger!

  32. Hot muscle bound werewolves in suits? I'll take 'em to me any day over a vampire!


  33. I don't know... I don't think I'd want to give birth to puppies. lol

  34. At this, I about died:

    "....Which means when it's your "time of the month" he's probably going to want to devour you. In the bad way."

    LOL! Best reason ever to go Team Werewolf Bootlegger!

  35. Werewolf Bootlegger definitely! I love bad boys ;)

  36. Team LumberWolf....starts off dressed sexy and suave and as he changes to a wolf, his clothes are ripped from his body...yum

  37. @Kalia: Glad you liked it. My personal favorite was the fist in the face.
    1) Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (IAD #3) by Kresley Cole (have re-read this book about 9 times now since I bought it)

    2) A Hunger Like No Other (IAD #1) by Kresley Cole.

    Both of these books have werewolves with Scottish accents. And let me tell you, Kresley's men with Scottish accents are seriously SEXY. Highly recommend her series in general.
    3) Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

    Just finished reading this the other day. It comes out this week. YA book, but an extremely well written YA book.
    4) Hunted by the Others by Jess Haines
    Doesn't focus primarily on werewolves, but she's got some awesome werewolves in it!
    5) Either the Mercy Thompson series or the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs if you haven't read them already. HIGHLY suggest you do so.

    And then, of course, anything written by Donna and Bree (Moira Rogers) is awesome werewolf material :)

  38. @emmad: Aw yea! I love me some bootleggin werewolves

    @Rosey: Agreed, character is very important. There are some skeevy werewolves I'm sure. Fortunately, I have not stumbled upon those stories :)

    @debbie: lmao mooseburgers. And being kept warm during the winter is a MUST

  39. @Reena: Having a tan is very important for my man *nods*

    @Amanda: Of course, it works out. You can have the vamp, and I'll get the were, and then everyone's happy! (except for all the people who don't get either hee)

    @Angel: Ditto. I like reading about vampires sometimes too, but if I had to choose which out of the two I'd want for myself, DEFINITELY a werewolf :)

  40. @Elie: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

    @Leilani: Aw yea baby!

    @A Simple Love of Reading: OMG.... you've just provided an even SEXIER image that has now been ingrained into my eyelids. I <3 you!

  41. @Keira: Well, they wouldn't come out as puppies. They'd just be able to shift into them. And depending on how they actually are, you might have a 50/50 change of spawning a werewolf puppy at all.

    @Lily: LMAO I enjoyed writing that. Glad you liked it hehe!

    @throughthehaze: Bad boys with BOOZE is even better! (gawd I'm making myself sound like such an alcoholic today)

    @DrkCherry: Oooh... I like the way you think!

  42. I'm kind of torn by this question, because I like both vampires and werewolves. However, shifters are my favorites. The fact that the vampire is a lumberjack almost swayed me in his direction, but I still have to go with shifters. I sure hope someone in the book gives the vampire a hard time referencing the Monty Python song. That would be hilarious!

  43. Well as much as I love werewolves...I have to go with Vampire Lumberjack this time around. It's my homage to my Canadian heritage...lumberjacks are hot, burly, brawny, strong, handy with an axe and looks awesome in plaid.

  44. I'm all for team vampire lumberjack - hah! Vampires don't sweat so I don't have to worry about my lumberjack being all smelly when he gets back from his hard labor and I'm sure he'll be hungry and ready to take a bite out of something after his work..LOL..

  45. It may have been vampire books that started me on reading everything paranormal, but I much prefer werewolves!

    I get cold easily, so I couldn't exactly snuggle someone who's cold-blooded. ^_^

  46. @mbreakfield: The vamp in the book gets with a female werewolf I believe. Maybe she will give him shit :D

    @s7anna: WHAAAAAT!? Okay maybe that's fair enough *mutter*traitor*mutter* Did someone say something!?

    @Heather: OMG...! Sicko....I LOVE IT HAHA

  47. @Tura: Ditto! Vampires started it, but when Twilight happened, I shied away from them and now I adore their furry rivals. <3

  48. So they're half-puppies? Why are we talking plural? I definitely wouldn't want a litter! That's way too many - twins is bad enough but I don't want to be octomom 2.

  49. Amen Sister! I couldn't have said it better myself. Although if I may play devils advocate for a second.. Vamps could totally use some self tanner to get rid of that whole pale thing they got going on. ;) But then we might have a bunch of blood sucking oompa loompa's running around.. All the more reason for a Werewolf Bootlegger in your life!;)

  50. I like werewolves but I like vamps even more so I have to go with Team Vampire Lumberjack.

  51. I've been a die hard Team Werewolf Bootlegger fan, but your arguments would ahve converted me even if I weren't! lol! I so agree with them, they were the exact raeson why I chose werewolves without a doubt! :-)

  52. I loves bloodsucker companions. Team Vampire Lumberjack!!!

  53. I love werewolves! Yay for team werewolves!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  54. i absolutely vote for Team Lumberjack Vampire. He's sexy, hunky, dangerous, mysterious and demanding. Yum!

  55. I was going to vote Vampire, but your reasoning's why not, have convinced me to go Werewolves ; ) -- I think it was the time of the month comment that really did it -- hilarious post btw

  56. Haha hilarious post! And true in so many cases.

    I adore Vampires, always have and always will! Definitely dark, mysterious, sexy... however I have always been a shifter girl myself. Doesn't have to be werewolves, any shifter will do but I have a soft spot for the wolves anyway.

    I admit though...I'm Team BOTH in the twilight fight haha. (Okay okay if I absolutely had to choice it would be Jacob...but shhh Edward still weasels his way into my heart)

  57. As a constant blog stalker... er, I mean follower, I knew you wouldn't let me down! : )

    Who would choose a cold pasty undead over a warm, friendly, fuzzy & passionate werewolf? Case closed. lol.

    Werewolf Bootleggers!

  58. @Keira: LMAO octo-mom. Dude I don't think ANYONE would want to be her predecessor. And no, I'm saying you have a 50% chance of the child being a werewolf, and a 50% chance of it being completely human. I mean some books have it where people have human babies too. Why not? It's not like you're gonna pop out 20 kids just by getting knocked up once. And if you're worried about it... well, that's what condoms and birth control are for :D

    @Jen: Ah you bring up a very good point. However, they would begin to look like carrots. For some reason, I can just imagine the self tanner would fail. GO TEAM WEREWOLF!

    @Deedles: *hiss*

  59. @Stella: Awesome! It's because werewolves are just naturally a lot sexier ;)

    @JoJo: Bleh! It's your funeral. I hope he doesn't make you into his chew toy.

    @Aik: Aw yea!

  60. @Dot S: Sounds like you're describing werewolves to me ;)

    @mountie: LMAO well it's true! If they can't control themselves when, for instance, in Twilight, you get a papercut.... what happens when your little monthly visitor stops by? WHY HASN'T ANYONE WRITTEN ABOUT THAT?! (I should copyright that)

    @mis(h)takes: Ah you're one of the few people who chooses both. Fair enough. But keep your Twilight talk away from me! (If I'm being forced to choose... I will admit that, despite my distaste for Twilight, I'm a Jacob fan movie/book)

    @Christa: Why Christa my dear, you're making me blush! And of course, I couldn't let my fellow werewolf fans down. That just wouldn't do at all :)

  61. I'm team werewolf bootlegger! Love the growls at just the right time. ;)

  62. You have an awesome list of pints but I've gotta stick with my vamps!

    I have to say I'm on Team Vampire Lumberjack because they're still sexy in plaid and a drunk, bumbling werewolf doesn't seem too appealing.

  63. @Melissa: Growling is another added bonus! Especially the ones that reverberate in his chest that you can barely hear.

    @jeanette: Oh, but on the contrary, werewolves have fast metabolisms. I think the only one who's gonna be drunk in that relationship is ME!

  64. TEAM WEREWOLF. I love to snuggle with something warm on a cold winter's night

  65. TEAM WERWOLF to win!!!!

    I love shapeshiftes

  66. Team Werewolf... A girl needs something warm to snuggle up to at night. I'd have a heck of a time warming my cold toes on the skin of a vampire. ... Just sayin ... Team Werewolf Bootlegger all the way!

  67. yep yep its Team Vampire Lumberjacks for me!!!

  68. Werewolves are great. But they are really not the right fit for me. I am Team Vampire Lumberjack all the way. Night time living is the best.

  69. I only have two arguments with your points:

    1. the vamp could have been naturally tanned before becoming a vamp (assuming he was made, not born)

    2. weres bite too

    That said, I agree with you completely: werewolf bootlegger, ftw!


  70. I love your argument! I'm totally sold on team werewolf, but only cause there's alcohol involved. :-)

  71. @jellybelly: me too! Boyfriends are perfect for that, but WEREWOLF boyfriends are even better!

    @Catherine: Ew they'd zap all the heat out of you. You'd be some cold, shivering dinner for the vamp

    @Athenna: Have fun with that dead body

  72. @donnas: Fair enough, at least you acknowledged how awesome weres are ;)

    @whateverfor: Glad to see you're on our side. To counter:

    1. Color fades after time. From my understanding/books I've read, that's how they grow pale--even if they were tanner than tan.

    2. I'd rather get bitten by a werewolf. At least he would bite me to increase the pleasure/pain aspect, whereas a vampire (in my eyes) would simply be more pain than pleasure.

    @angel: Hey, free booze is free booze. At least the weres would dress hawt ;)

  73. I am for team werewolf bootlegger. Love the wolves. :)

  74. I'm joining the Team Lumberjack Vampire!

    reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

  75. i am for team werewolves but like both. I also like reading everyone's coments

  76. I love your list! Even if I wasn't already firmly in the were camp, you would have convinced me to change sides.

    Team Werewolf Bootlegger for life!

  77. Ok, you do have some pretty valid points. Unfortunately I am still Team Lumberjack. Bootlegging just doesn't do it for me. lol

  78. I am for Team Vampire Lumberjack, I loved vampires way before I started liking werewolves.

  79. You made some pretty good points for the werewolves.
    But I have to go with my Canadian heritage. Besides there is nothing wrong with being pasty and blending in with the snow *L*
    Team Vampire Lumberjack for me

  80. Gonna take some from jackyl's lyrics "I'm a lumberjack baby
    I'm gonna cut you down to size
    I'm a lumberjack baby
    And you're the one that gets my prize
    And when you hear my motor running
    You know I surely be coppin' a rise
    So I'm gonna crank it up and cut it down"

    Hehe, so it's obvious what side I'm on!

  81. I'm on Team Vampire Lumberjack! go Team!!All those Mucles are so Hot!


  82. I'm on team werewolf! You know they won't cheat on you because they mate for life.

  83. Team Vampire Lumberjack. I love the vampires.
    Sue B

  84. Team werewolf. Need to see a guy in the daylight.

  85. Team Werewolf all the way. Need a man to keep me warm at night.

  86. For the sake of sides, I have to go Team Vampire Lumberjack. Nothing says sexy like a man jacking some lumber. (Ohhh the images.)
    No promises but I might reconsider with the right incentive. SKIN! :)
    I can't wait to add both of these to my collection!

  87. Team Werewolf because howling at the moon sounds like a cool thing to do.

  88. Hey, no convincing necessary, it's Team Werewolf for me!

  89. I adore werewolves, but I detest drunks, so I'm on team vampire.

  90. You have good reasons. I love me a wolf too. But this time it was Team Vampire Lumberjack all the way.
    Carol L.

  91. Oh yea... team werewolf all the way! I so agree!

  92. I come from a long line of lumberjacks. I'll take the family biz and some pesky soul issues over the uncontrolled furry and controlled substances.
    Go Team Vampire Lumberjack!

  93. I can be a trouble maker, I want both, shame on me huh,blame it on some really good posts numbering the wolf advantage of being able to be out at all times of the day and the fact that he's warm and really alive and can share a real meal of food. Although the wolfie can take care of me 24/7 and the vamp can only manage about half, maybe they won't mind sharing because I can handle it.
    Hope everyone doesn't want to stake me out but I really want both.

  94. I am leaning towards Team Werewolf Bootlegger. There is something slightly sexy about howling.

  95. LOL - I am pretty white myself. Tend to just plain burn in the sun, so me and vampires are perfect for each other! As for the bleeding thing... I can't believe you went there! But if it makes the cramps go away... sure.

    Team Undead Hardwood all the way!

  96. I'm on the werewolf bootlegger side. They're hot, they've got booze, and once a month you've got a hot animal in your bed. What more can a gal ask for?

  97. the no cheating bit - that's another good point for team werewolf.

  98. Hm you have lots of good points.. but I'm sorry, I will not be swayed! Vampires are just sexier.. and I'm sure he can chop wood as silently as he can do everything else. Not to mention you could get a sound proof home.. you'd need it for the neighbors anyways.. muahahah

  99. I agree with you, Team Werewolf Bootlegger for sure. Let's face it, vampires are dead and cold! Plus you can't see them during the day, and a bootlegger means lots of free booze. And you are right, a little biting is fine, blood sucking, not so much.

  100. Team Werewolf!!!! Haha, love the comment on why not to choose team vampire. And also, completely agree with you about werewolf babies!! Omg, they would be so adorable ;) I want a werewolf so we can have cute werewolf babies together!

  101. Go Team Vampire Lumberjack! What can I say I'm a sucker for the fangs. (Pun intended)

  102. If I have to choose, will go with team vampire lumberjack!

    Pam S

  103. It definitely has to be team Vampire Lumberjack.This looks like some reading I could sink my teeth into.

  104. I'd be on Team Vampire Lumberjack. I'm not partial to really hairy men.

  105. At least my vampire loves me when she's not drunk. Theres nothing better than a sober vampire that still loves you.