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So I took a break. I struggled with the loss and with missing my blog. And then I realized I didn't have to run Book Faery to still be a book reviewer; I could read my books and post reviews online. I'm still a book review blogger, just not in the traditional sense.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Crazy in Love by Ashley Ladd

The ghost of Kacey's crazy great-grandfather threatens her life but just might save her marriage.

When the ghost of Kacey's crazy great-grandfather mistakes her for her great-grandmother, he threatens to kill her for cheating on him. Meanwhile her husband, Heath, finds out she believes he's fallen out of love with her and he sets out to show her just how much he loves her. However, he fears she's crazy as she claims to see homicidal ghosts.

Although Kacey longs to save her marriage, she doesn't know if she can stay with a man who doesn't believe her and thinks she's insane.

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Genre: Erotica/Contemporary
Crazy in Love
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My Opinion:

I always try to approach a book with an open mind, especially when said book shies away from my usual reads.  Crazy in Love is written in a way where I imagined the words flowing along the page smoothly, much like water trickling along in a stream.  I must say that I really enjoyed that aspect while reading this piece. 

Why then, you must be wondering, would I rate this book a 2.5?  I think that the overall concept was an interesting one to explore.  I haven't read many contemporary books, but I will say that this was unique for my reading experience.  I simply would have enjoyed reading about these characters further.  33 pages was too brief for me to really appreciate the characters, their woes, and ultimately, their HEA.  It felt as if the reader was being told more than shown in this short story, which is something that I'm not a particular fan of.

Kacey's thought processes regarding her husband's lack of desire seemed to fly out the window the second she utters divorce to him.   Her sudden transformation from a slightly whiny character into a lusty wife, and then the sex that ultimately follows, also felt rushed for my tastes.  Perhaps it's just me, but I enjoy exploring a character's thought processes a lot more.  I want to know what makes them tick, and why they feel the way they do as opposed to being told they feel a certain way.  Readers are told why Kasey feels the way she does, and her husband's take on the matter, but it wasn't enough to satisfy my curiosity.

**Warning: slight spoiler alert** The bedroom talk betwixt husband and wife seemed, well, slightly out of place.  I'm not sure why, but I think it has more to do with the fact that the couple went from being at odds with each other, to one party discussing divorce, only to have mind-blowing sex an hour later.**End spoiler alert**  I know that if I was unhappy for whatever reason in a relationship, I would much prefer to talk it out first instead of resorting to sex to solve my problems.  I suppose I also have to keep in mind that this is an erotica.

The conclusion felt a bit too convenient, but I blame this on the fact that I still wanted this story to be explored further.  I feel that this author has talent (I'm new to this author, mind you), however, she should use said talent to focus on developing her world and characters more fully.  I really would love to see this tale, and future tales, in more detail.  I enjoyed what I read, but like I've said, for me personally, I want more.  (which makes me sound like a five year old, hah)

If you're in the mood for a quick, steamy read, then Crazy in Love is a short story you'll probably want to check out. 

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  1. Oh mai, erotica.

    Lol, Crazy in Love certainly has an interesting premise... it stinks that you didn't enjoy it as much as you thought you would but you did write an excellent review for it ;)