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Sunday, September 19, 2010

SPEAK up, because if you don't, what makes you think anyone else will?

I get it.  Sometimes, people say stupid things to provoke a response out of others.  You see it with ignorant people who troll certain forums around all day long and make asses out of themselves.  You see it with politicians all the time (though they probably don't think what they're saying is stupid). 

You also see it with "Christians" who are more concerned about controlling others than they are about the well-being of our nation's youth.  See the ignorant article that sparked such outrage here.

I first read SPEAK in 10th grade.  I cried long and hard.

I was not raped, but I did have family problems in 10th grade.  They were problems that ripped everything I knew about life to shreds.  I questioned myself, my friends, my family, the adults in my life.  I questioned God  when I never attained the answers I so desperately yearned for (I went to Catholic school from Pre-K to 8th grade and have always considered myself agnostic).  Why was all of this happening to my family?  Why me?  Why now?  Why why why?

My friends cut.  Some did it for the attention.  Others did it because they hurt too much and needed to ease the pain in some way.  I will never forget one particular night when my best friend at the time wandered off while our group was hanging out.  She called me on the phone twenty minutes later, a sobbing mess.  I sprinted as fast as I could to the brook, where she'd wandered off to...

Her forearm was covered in blood. 

It looked like she'd squirted ketchup over the entire surface, nice and thick.  Streaks of it streamed down to the palm of her hand, dripping tiny droplets off onto the grass below.

She'd found a piece of dirty glass.  Was hurting so badly she jammed it into her arm and sliced the skin, over and over.  The pain refreshed her.  Revitalized her.  It was like she'd been possessed at the time it happened and didn't realize what she was doing until she'd finished.  And then, seeing her arm a bloody mess, she freaked out.

Some of my friends were anorexic.  Some were bulimic.  A few of my friends had parents who relentlessly harassed them about their weight.  Their looks.  Forced them to go on diets--bribed them to go on diets.

One was deemed suicidal because of the poetry she wrote for an English class.  She cut.  She dressed in black.  She kept to herself.  She wasn't suicidal, though.  She was just trying to express herself because writing was a mode of therapy for her--for all of us.

Which is how we were all introduced to our school's social worker.  She became like a second mother to all of us.  She cared about us when we thought nobody else would.  She recommended SPEAK to all of us in 10th grade.

Every. single. girl. cried.

None of us were ever raped, thank goodness.  But we had issues with our families.  Issues with ourselves.  Guy issues.  Everything a high school student suffers, and then some.  And we were silent about it.  We thought we had to keep it to ourselves; we thought nobody would care about what we had to say.

SPEAK helped us realize that someone out there, in the world, gave a shit about us.

So we cried, and cried, and cried.

I have an Italian quiz tomorrow.  I need to learn over 200 nouns and phrases this afternoon.  And yet, instead of studying for this college class, I've been sitting in front of my laptop all day long, completely speechless because of the article I linked to up above.

For starters, how could one ever compare rape to soft porn?  How?  Why?  Where's the logic behind such a comparison?  Unless, of course, said person is a bit wonky in the head.  In which case, it would be best for a person to keep one's mouth shut.

Scroggins believes that SPEAK is inappropriate for young adults and children.  Enough to make such a comparison on the internet.

I am always shocked and appalled when people make such brash statements.  They worry more about control than about the actual issues at hand.  What would be better to speak out against?  A book that's therapeutic, or the issues that book attempts to confront?  Why waste one's energy bashing a book meant to help people, when one could spend that same amount of energy fighting against rape and keeping silent?

Why are people still trying to keep sex taboo?  Why are we letting our youth live in ignorance when it comes to sex?  Why the fuck can't kids learn about sex in schools without one stupid ass parent ruining it for everyone?  You don't want your kid to learn about sex?  Fine.  But don't ruin it for the rest of us.

You don't want YOUR CHILD reading SPEAK?  Fine, but shut the fuck up and let everyone else make that decision for themselves.  I'm talking to you, Mr. Scroggins.  Shut the fuck up and let people live their lives.  Stop trying to dictate what teenagers can and can't do.  They have a right to have access to these sorts of books.  They have a right to have access to a quality sexual education so that they can make educated decisions when it comes to having sex.

People like Scroggins sicken me.

That's all I'll say about this.  Other people have talked about this issue more eloquently than I can right about now.  I highly suggest checking out Anderson's response.  The video at the end, the poem in response to her book, was beautiful.

This giveaway is now closed.  I have contacted the winners via email.


  1. I've been tweeting and I blogged :http://readingthebestofthebest.blogspot.com/2010/09/speak-up.html

    Your post made me cry! Thanks for speaking out!

  2. I've also been tweeting (@purplesmudge) and I blogged about it, too: http://jhuffman.weebly.com

  3. Don't enter me - I already have the book and am hosting the same giveaway on my blog. I just wanted to applaud your post and so glad so many others are taking this step and will #SpeakLoudly.

  4. I've been tweeting & I posted about this in my blog. I haven't read the book yet & I really want a copy. It sounds like a book I should have read back when I was a teenager.


  5. Great post. I actually cried while reading it. The fact that you were the one who discovered your friend like that is absolutely heartbreaking.

    "I have an Italian quiz tomorrow. I need to learn over 200 nouns and phrases this afternoon. And yet, instead of studying for this college class, I've been sitting in front of my laptop all day long, completely speechless because of the article I linked to up above.

    I'm a college student too, and I've been avoiding my homework all day because of this. You're not the only one! Lol.

    I shared my reaction on my blog here. Please don't enter me in the contest though, because I already have a copy, and I'd like these to go to people who don't! I also have a Mr. Linky in that post, and you're welcome to link up if you'd like!

  6. Great post! I just can't believe that anyone could ever equate rape to porn, how the hell do you even come up with that?! It's absolute garbage and I am glad to see SO many people speaking up about it. I mean, fgs, imagine how rape victims feel when they hear someone like this absolute moron dismissing what they've gone through and trying to ban what might be the only thing that has helped or is helping them through? I've been tweeting about it, too (@izibellz).

    I'm going to order a copy right now.

  7. I've been RTing like a maniac, and will probably write something later once I calm down enough to be coherent. Argh! I haven't read the book yet, but even if I don't 'win' a copy, I'll be buying myself one next week to read and maybe even a second for a class prize.

  8. Kailia & Natalie, it was a a rough time for all of us back then. When I found her, my heart stopped. But I'm so happy that she ended up being okay... We went into the bathroom at Starbucks after and cleaned her up, then ended up laughing about it after.

    I try to think that it made me (at least) into a stronger person :)

    Bella, it makes me so angry. It's like this douchenugget is just telling EVERYONE this book has helped--whether it be rape victims, or high school students just trying to get on with their lives--to shut up and deal with it.

    Carina, I know how you feel. After writing the part about SPEAK, I was too tired and angry to really get into the whole article about this guy dismissing the book.

  9. I absolutely loved your post and totally agree with you. We have two children and we have no secrets. From the time the kids were 5 or older we spoke openly about everything. We have never tried to keep them in the dark. You can't expect children to make the right decision when you haven't given them the knowledge to form that decision.


  10. bravo!

  11. Thanks for the awesome informative post! Mine is here: http://bit.ly/am1zAH

  12. oh man i wanna give you a big hug! feel free to read my post on it,and thank you for the giveaway more people need to read this book!


  13. how could anybody with even a piece of brain in their head think that rape is porn? they must really hate woman...

    bravo on your post, btw. you really made me feel for what you were saying, and that's hard to find nowadays...

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  14. All I did was post the video with the poem because I think it says it all for me. What I do find wonderful is that so many people are talking about this and other important issues due to this book. So, even if he didn't mean to, he did do good despite his intentions.

  15. This was SUCH a powerful post. Thank you for sharing your experiences in order to speak out against this brazen ignorance. This giveaway is such a great way of fighting back, I think I'm going to host my own SPEAK Out giveaway and direct people to this post.

  16. Great post. I haven't read Speak but I knew what it was vaguely about.
    I agree with you whole-heartedly and this horrible articly makes me physically ill. And to think that he teaches at the university level...
    Good luck with Italian!

  17. Here's my response:

  18. Great topic. It's encouraging to see the number of blogs that have posted about the book. I haven't read the book but am completely behind everyone against the ban of the book.

    Here is my post: http://dawnembers.blogspot.com/2010/09/speak-loudly.html

  19. Thanks for sharing. It's important for people to know how this book has had an impact on so many readers.

    Please don't enter me in the contest, I'd also would like your copy to go to someone who hasn't read it yet.

  20. Wow, this guy has no idea what he is talking about! If he doesn't like the public education system he should send his kids to a private school. Shall be blogging about this issue at http://mumbleandmuse.blogspot.com/

  21. Ordered my copy earlier tonight. How would you equate rape with porn....unless he personally got off reading it?? It just makes me sick.

  22. Your post is one of the most meaningful I've read on the topic so far! As sick as it is, I'm almost glad this happened, because it gave the book community a chance to band together once and for all against censorship. Speak out! I blogged here:


  23. Your post is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  24. I don't do any of the other things, but I would like to be entered. I worked with teens that have children teaching them parenting skills. Every single one except one has been molested. Yes, that's 99% of them. I believe their pregnancies were a direct result of being molested when they were younger. I would like to read this book. I hate that there are people like this. They have no idea, or will even accept, the harm they are doing. Meanwhile, they wrap themselves in their morality, because they think it makes them better than all of us. I would love to read this book, and pass it on to others.

  25. Thank you so much for this post. It´s intense and moving and disturbin and I also really feel like hugging you.
    Here´s my post about all this:

  26. Wow! Scroggins is one confused person. I've blogged about this articles HERE

  27. I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest. There are alot of rapes unreported by women beause they are scared. Tore923@aol.com

  28. Tori, don't worry about entering me. Just loved that you covered the same things I would have. Proudly RTing, etc.

  29. Your post is fantastic. Some of us are outraged by this in general, but it's clear that some of the blogging community have actually had experience with this novel to the point that it's heartbreaking. I hope this opens the eyes of those in support of Scroggins.

    I've been tweeting, retweeting, and blogged about it. http://anotherbookjunkie.blogspot.com/2010/09/this-is-me-speaking-loudly.html

  30. great posting! i'm 65. my mom in 91. when i was 16, my mom and i were watching a program when people were ranting about kids today and we were all going to hell in a hand basket what with the music (think elvis) and all the 'necking' and 'petting' and stuff. suddenly, my gentle southern lady-like mother said 'crap'. not a normal word in our house. buggy eyed, i gasped. 'whaaaat?' to which she responded, 'that's what it is. you kids didn't invent sex. it's been going on for AGES. and let me tell you now, there is NOTHING you have done or think about doing that i haven't first!' OMG! when i read the john jakes series, i wished they had been available when i was in high school! next thought was they probably would not have been allowed in the high school library (the first in the series was 'the bastard'. kids didn't 'cut' themselves when i was in high school but they did drink and have sex...in germany, there were some families of 11 and 12 yo's that were rotated back stateside because a 'sex' scandal. rape...yes, luckily, not me...by family members and others. there were girls with unexpected pregnancies afraid to tell their parents who tried to abort themselves with coke a cola duches and coat hangers and dangerous back room doctors. there were girls and women who were forced to have babies. today we have women and men running for office that want to again force females (children and adult women) to carry to term babies resulting from rape and incest and even if it endangers the life of the mother. why aren't more of my generation speaking up again? where are their daughters' and granddaughters' voices? how can they listen to women (or men) who say they want less government in 'our lives' but yet preach enslavement of our bodies and our right of choice? looks like you triggered my outrage too.

  31. i'm 65. mom 91. when i was 16, we were watching tv, people were ranting 'kids today all going to hell, what with the music & 'necking' and 'petting' & stuff'. suddenly, my lady-like mom said 'crap'. not a normal wd. i gasped. 'whaaaat?' she responded, 'that's what it is. you kids didn't invent sex. it's been going on for AGES. & let me tell you, there is NOTHING you have done or think about doing that i haven't first!' OMG! when i read the john jakes series, i wished they had been available when i was in high school! but they probably wouldn't have been allowed (1st in the series was 'the bastard'). kids didn't 'cut' themselves when i was in hs. they did drink & have sex. in germany, some families of 11 & 12 yo's were rotated back stateside because a 'sex' scandal. rape...yes, luckily, not me...by family members and others. there were girls w/ unexpected pregnancies afraid to tell their parents, who tried to abort themselves with coke a cola duches & coat hangers & dangerous back room docs. girls & women who were forced to have babies. today we have women & men running for office that want to again force females (children/adult women) to carry to term such results, even if it endangers the mother. why aren't more of my generation speaking up again? where are their daughters' & granddaughters' voices? how can they listen to women (or men) who say they want less government in 'our lives' but yet preach enslavement of our bodies & our right of choice? looks like you triggered my outrage too.

  32. I've been tweeting (@amandawk) and I plan on blogging.
    amandarwest at gmaidotcom

  33. Great post Tori, well said! Things like this make me really sad. While I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion, their opinion should not rule others.

  34. I retweeted on twitter(katsrus2003)

    I am just appailed(sp?)in this day and age that someone wants to still ban books. Rape is nothing like porn. What an idiot for that guy comparing it to that. Pisses me off. My daughter was sexually assulted at age 4 by a 13yr old so I really think you need to talk to your kids very early.
    Sue B

  35. Great post and great comments. Very powerful. I posted about Speak on my blog http://tiny.cc/zss5w
    and tweeted. So many amazing blog posts about this.

  36. Great Post! And the idea for the giveaway is awesome. I`ve been Tweeting and re-tweeting about this for the last week and I will keep doing it until my fingers start to ache. I haven`t read the book but I was strongly impressed by the movie. And when I read the book I`ll make a blog post, too.

  37. This is such a strong post, I almost cried. For what you and the girls went through. Because I realized I'm not the only one who went through these kinds of things after I read Speak, and I got the courage to speak up, myself, after I had read it. I connected with the book so profoundly that every time this topic is mentioned, my blood boils. Sometimes I feel personally attacked, as if Scroggins is slandering ME for the issues that I've had to deal with. It makes me a-damned-shamed to call myself Christian and be lumped in with bozo's like him who advocate religion and the pious teenage soul. Not everyone is perfect. No one will live the best of lives. Just because Scroggins was spared the heart ache others have, he has no right to deny the right to read this book for teenagers who ARE going through similar things. To err is human, and WE ARE HUMANS. We will make mistakes, or mistakes will be made to us. I'd rather be knowledgeable about something and have an outlet to share my grief than be completely in the dark.

    This entire thing is just... ugh. It makes me RAGE.



  38. I haven't had the chance to read this book yet although I'm aware of it's main storyline. It's sad how someone would easily dismiss a book that is as powerful and inspirational as Speak, a book where a lot of people have found comfort because of the difficult things they had to go through in life. I wish this man would have taken the time to truly understand what the book aims to achieve with the story it is trying to tell, before making such conclusions about it.

    vesipisaroita [at] gmail [dot] com

  39. I am outraged by this! I agree with you on this! I posted about it on my blog.



  40. Here's my blog post:


    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  41. This is a great, powerful post. Thank you so much for talking about your experiences. I posted on my blog as a part of #SpeakLoudly http://juliaslibraryresearch.blogspot.com/2010/09/speak-loudly.html
    and I am so happy to see how many other people are too!

  42. This has become a huge deal.

    I'm not much for talking about the rape vs. porn deal. What really bothers me is that someone wants to ban this book. It bothers me when someone wants to ban any book.

    Speak is about rape. A book shouldn't be banned because it's about a touchy subject. It's important for children to read and learn about these things. We can't sheild children from everything or they won't be prepared to go out into the world.


  43. I just have to say what a post you wrote I never heard of this book or anything about banned books until I saw it on blogs. It makes me want to read this book more now to be honest. Thank you for the chance at a book that everyone is talking about!

  44. I so forgot my tweet on this so sorry!

  45. Amazing post. I haven't read this book but have heard about it. I love the truth to your post.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. I absolutely agree. I believe no one has the right to tell me what I can and cannot read. I think some people should be happy that I read. There isn't many people in many area that read and in reading books like Speak, it would give me a chance to see a different perspective and sit back and think about things before I do them.

    And because of whats-his-face's 'editorial' of Speak, it's made me want to read it, just to see what it's all about and get back at the asshole.

    Also, i love who you repeated 'shut the fuck up' to the bastard. Loved it.

    Enter me please (:

  48. I still can't believe someone could think that rape and porn are the same thing. It is just sick...

    Plus, banning books is terrible. If you feel uncomfortable with the material or just don't like it, don't read it, but a small group of people has no right to decide what everyone else should read.

    I'm so glad to see so many blogs speaking out against this.


  49. Great Post!!!


  50. That post was heartbreaking T_T

    I've been tweeting about #SpeakLoudly and also blogged (ranted) about it here : http://isabookwhore.blogspot.com/2010/09/speak-loudly-ranting-my-guts-out.html

    isabookwhore at gmail dot com

  51. I forgot to leave my email. torresg898@gmail.com