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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BOTS 2: Carolyn Crane

Jeremy, the ultimate sexy sidekick who kicks all other sidekicks’ asses!
A post about sidekick Jeremy from JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by Julie James.

I’ m a big sucker for the sidekicks who take the heroes down a few notches, and Jeremy is probably my favorite of all this type.

 Jeremy is the sidekick of Jason Andrews from Just the Sexiest Man Alive, and I think he qualifies for sexiest sidekick for many reasons! And look! I have listed some of them here.

Jeremy is the sexiest sidekick because he is:


Sane is one of my top sexy qualities in a man. Let’ s face it, if you look at many of the books out there, the heroes just don’ t have their heads screwed on straight. Including the hero of JTSMA, movie star Jason Andrews (who to me will always be George Clooney). He’ s so used to the limelight and women fawning over him, he can barely see straight. Luckily, Jeremy is there.

A passage from the book, which I offer to you as proof:

“ Jeremy was the last remaining bridge to normality in Jason’ s world—a fact Jeremy never missed the chance to remind him of.”


Jason often cleverly makes fun of the hero. A good sense of humor is critical for true sexiness. Like here, when Jason reports that the heroine seemed condescending to him:

Another passage from the book:

“ Condescending?” Jeremy repeated, as if appalled. “ To Jason Andrews? Do I dare ask why?”

[and later]

“ Jeremy clutched his heart in feigned shock. “ You mean she didn’ t immediately fall on her knees in feigned gratitude when you walked through that door?”


Jeremy is the true powerbroker in this book. He tells the hero when he’ s full of it. He talks sanely and smartly with the heroine. He made that relationship happen! He owns their asses!

Amazing and brilliant

Jeremy is a screenwriter. Aren’ t all writers amazing and brilliant? No? Okay, will you accept intelligent? No? Okay, how about goal-oriented? Uh…onto the next reason…

He looks like Bradley Cooper!

Though he is never described, as a man living in LA, Jeremy would surely be athletic an in shape, not only because he can do fun outdoor things practically year round, but he has all those men to compete with. Though he is never described, in my mind he looks like Bradley Cooper! Maybe he is Bradley Cooper, you never know. They both live in LA, right?

A man a girl can relate to

Another passage from the book. Here, he befriends the heroine, Taylor after she has a bad interaction with the hero:

He threw his arm around Taylor’ s shoulders. “ Let’ s adjourn to my office,” he said, gesturing to a table in back that was covered with empty beer bottles. “ I need to hear this story in proper detail, to assess its potential damage. And you should walk very slowly through all the parts where Jason looks like a total ass.”

[ …] Taylor laughed. She liked this Jeremy guy, despite his apparent choice in friends.

Part of true sexiness is that you have a great time together after the fireworks are over, that you find things to talk about and do together.


So, he doesn’ t have any paranormal powers, but are powers really that sexy? After the first instance of lifting a car or drinking blood or turning into a beastie, doesn’ t it sort of get old? And he’ s not dangerous either. I say, thumbs up on that! Jason has all the sexiest sidekick qualities and none of the bad ones. Yee-ha!

Carolyn Crane is the author of the disillusionist trilogy (Mind Games, Double Cross and book #3this December). She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two daring cats. She spent years as a waitress and shop clerk before moving to ad agencies and the freelance writing life. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, and when she’ s not writing novels or working her straight job, she can be found reading in bed, running, helping animals, or eating Mexican food. Her latest release is the novella “ Kitten-tiger and the Monk” in the Wild & Steamy anthology (7/25)



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As the body count grows, Justine faces a crisis of conscience as she tests the limits of her new powers and faces an impossible choice between two flawed but brilliant men—one on a journey of redemption, the other descending into a pit of moral depravity.

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  1. I vote for anyone who looks like Bradly Cooper.

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)

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    Twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  3. Well hello handsome sidekick and where have you been all my life? haha I better stop before my husband, who is not Bradley Cooper 2.0, comes back.

    I too am all for a sidekick that doesn't have all the bad parts and spades in the good department.

    OBoyledBooks [at] gmail [dot] com

    Michelle (@OBoyledBooks)

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  14. Carolyn--Perfect choice, perfect post. Thanks. Don't enter me in the contest, since I've already devoured Double Cross and am impatiently awaiting book 3.

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