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I once told myself: IF I am accepted into grad school, this blog would no longer be updated. As it turns out, in April, I received news of my acceptance for the Fall 2013 semester, where I will attain a Master's degree of Science in Nutrition.

Running a blog, as many of you may already know, is a demanding side job once the excitement wears off. And once I fell out of the blogging community's loop (have you SEEN how many blogs there are now? Wow!), it was like the kiss of death. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get into a blogging routine once this happened due to the disconnect I felt from the community.

So I took a break. I struggled with the loss and with missing my blog. And then I realized I didn't have to run Book Faery to still be a book reviewer; I could read my books and post reviews online. I'm still a book review blogger, just not in the traditional sense.

I'll still be online. You can chat with me on Twitter, where I'll be posting links to my reviews and talking books. I'll also be posting links to nutrition articles. And if you'd like to connect with me where I guarantee I will post reviews, just add me as a friend on Goodreads.

So that's all, folks! It's been a fun and amazing journey, and I thank you all for listening to my thoughts about books. I hope we all can keep in touch elsewhere :)


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blog Status Update

Yeesh, I seem to be doing quite a few of these this year, haven't I? Well, once again, I've gotten overwhelmed by the science workload. To top it off, I also started doing volunteer work at a doctor's office in September. Between that, getting my grad school applications done (statement of purpose is just not happening anytime soon, at this rate...), and dealing with a minor case of bursitis in the knee, reading books and keeping Book Faery updated has been the last thing on my to do list.

I'm not abandoning the blog, and I'm not going on a hiatus, either.

Instead, I will not be accepting any requests for author interviews/guest posts, nor will I be accepting any giveaway posts at this current time. I will still be posting book reviews when I get a chance to finish a book, and Alice will begin posting reviews again soon, too.

I know I owe a few of you giveaway winners some books. I apologize for not getting them shipped to you sooner, but I literally have had no time to get out to go to the post office. I have not forgotten about you all. You will get your books soon.

So what exactly does this mean for Book Faery's future? It won't be as active as other review blogs out there. I don't think I have the time anymore like I did when I first started blogging. I also think it's high time that I post what I want to post and not turn this into a chore or a job. Reviews won't be consistent, but they will still be shared on my twitter and via email/Google reader if you're subscribed. Like always, I post reviews onto my Goodreads account too.

Thanks for all the continued support from those of you who continue to stop by and read my thoughts on books. 


  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking time to focus on other things as that is life. I took a four-month hiatus this summer and some of the emails were not necessarily encouraging as they thought I should always put my blog first. However, the majority of people were very supportive. For me, sometimes what we are doing does come first and I think it is important that we remind ourselves why we blog in the first place. It's something I enjoy and when it stopped being fun, I stopped doing it for a while. Good luck with everything and I hope you don't stop blogging, but do it when you have the time and because it's fun.

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment! One of my blogger friends had to tell me, when I complained to her about neglecting the blog again, that maybe I should reevaluate why I'm blogging in the first place. She had a very good point, and instead of focusing on the book reviews like I originally did, I feel like I've been handling more and more emails and scheduling interviews and giveaways as opposed to just sitting back and enjoying a good book.

      Thanks again for the support. I won't stop blogging. In fact, after posting this, I finally felt like picking up a book again to read!

  2. Hi Tori, I hope you get well soon, and everything you need to do for school in order. And don't worry about the blog, your loyal followers will be here when you have the time to post a review again.

    1. <3 <3 <3 I really appreciate hearing that. I always feel like I'm letting my followers down when I take these breaks, which kills me inside.