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So I took a break. I struggled with the loss and with missing my blog. And then I realized I didn't have to run Book Faery to still be a book reviewer; I could read my books and post reviews online. I'm still a book review blogger, just not in the traditional sense.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

As a vampire hunter and skinwalker, Jane Yellowrock is public enemy number one in the vampire community--even though she's also the key to their survival.  Now she's about to learn that working for the enemy can be just as dangerous as hunting them.

The Vampire Council of New Orleans has hired skinwalker Jane Yellowrock to hunt and kill one of their own who has broken sacred ancient rules.  But she quickly realizes that in a community that is thousands of years old, loyalties run deep.

With the help of her witch best friend and local vigilantes, Jane finds herself caught between bitter rivalries--and closer than ever to the secret origin of the entire vampire race.  But in a city of old grudges and dark magic, Jane will have to fight to protect both sides, even if no one will protect her.

Obtained: Bought
Genre: Fantasy/Mystery/Romance
Series: Jane Yellowrock
1. Skinwalker (review)
2. Blood Cross
3. Mercy Blade (book review)
My Rating:
I read this book in one day and put it down twice in order to eat and take care of my dog.  In retrospect I wish I had slowed down, but I was addicted the second I opened it.  The ending to Blood Cross made me squeal in happiness.  Hunter, you appeased the romantic in me, and that is why this book is the first on the site to receive the Faerie of Honor rating.  (Want to know what's so special about this rating? Go here!)


The last book finished off with Jane being offered/hired again by the Vampire Council.  This time she has to hunt down a master vampire who is turning humans into vamps and setting them out into civilization with bloodlust controlling their every actions.  (Vampires typically stay chained for roughly ten years before deemed "sane" enough to be released into society).  Big no no in the vamp world.

Molly and her children are living with Jane now.  Despite having to decapitate some young rogues and almost having her temporary home burnt down by a crazed vampire in mourning, it would appear that Jane is content with her living conditions.

That is, until Molly's children and one of Katie's Ladies are kidnapped by a mysterious group.

What I think:
Hunter had me tearing up at one point when Molly's "kits" (I love when Beast purrs that! haha) were kidnapped.  Jane's anguish was so... moving.  It takes a lot for a book to get me that emotionally involved, and I'm not surprised this was the book to achieve that.

While the seductive Leo made more of an appearance in Skinwalker, George (aka Bruiser) gets to star in Blood Cross.  And I gotta say that Bruiser's grown on me. At first I thought he was just some horny bodyguard, but Hunter reveals more of a personality to the Brit, and it becomes apparent throughout the tale that Bruiser genuinely cares for Jane.  And Jane?  Well, I thought it was amusing how she transforms from a puddle of raging hormones into a blushing little school girl when Beast isn't messing around with her.

Rick stars a bit more, but not as much as the vamp bodyguard.  I was slightly disappointed initially, mainly because I want to really learn more about who Rick is (I mean, come on, the initial book emphasized him more in the summary too!), but I have a feeling he's going to be the leading man in Hunter's third book ;)

Leo also made a few guest appearances, and when he wasn't mourning, he was okay.  There were a few scenes where I appreciated his character, but overall, I'm disappointed that he wasn't as arrogant and Leo-ish in Blood Cross.  I understand why he wasn't though, so I forgive him. I just hope that in the following book he's back and is his old self.

So aside for the three bad boys, Beast plays an integral role once again.  I know I complained in my Skinwalker review about how I initially didn't like the writing for Beast.  Now I find myself complaining about the fact that Jane doesn't transform into Beast enough.  There's no satisfying me.

As for the plot itself, there were a few scenes that I found somewhat unnecessary.  Surprisingly, while I found said scenes unnecessary, it did not take away from the plot.  Don't ask me why, I'm not entirely sure myself.  And in regards to the evil villain:  I had an idea about who the villain was going to be in this story, but Hunter tricked me once again.  Gotta love it.

Read the Jane Yellowrock series if you get the chance, Hunter deserves mucho love!


  1. Vampire hunter...sounds like my kind of book! Thanks, I'll check it out sometime!


  2. I have had both book since they came out but still haven't read them yet. Must move this series up the TBR pile.
    great review :)

  3. You definitely should!

    I can't say enough good things about the series. It's amazing, and the third book comes out a day before my birthday in 2011! :)

  4. This sounds like such a great series. I'll have to remember to go ahead and pick it up, next time I hit the bookstore. Thanks Tori, for a great introduction!


  5. Great Review, I Have Neither Books Nor Have I Read Them But I Have Heard Many Woderful Things About Them.