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Running a blog, as many of you may already know, is a demanding side job once the excitement wears off. And once I fell out of the blogging community's loop (have you SEEN how many blogs there are now? Wow!), it was like the kiss of death. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get into a blogging routine once this happened due to the disconnect I felt from the community.

So I took a break. I struggled with the loss and with missing my blog. And then I realized I didn't have to run Book Faery to still be a book reviewer; I could read my books and post reviews online. I'm still a book review blogger, just not in the traditional sense.

I'll still be online. You can chat with me on Twitter, where I'll be posting links to my reviews and talking books. I'll also be posting links to nutrition articles. And if you'd like to connect with me where I guarantee I will post reviews, just add me as a friend on Goodreads.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Giveaway: Children of Paranoia by Trevor Shane

The wonderful folks at Penguin have done it again.

Earlier this summer, I started receiving random postcards in the mail about CHILREN OF PARANOIA. I had no idea who they were from, or what they were for. Children of Paranoia? Was that some lame punk band? After about the third one, my mother made a comment about them, and I started getting a little weirded out. Why was I still getting these postcards?!

Then a week or so ago, the lovely Liza from Penguin contacted me and informed me that the postcards were for a promotional event. She also wanted to offer one lucky blog follower the opportunity to check out this awesome book!

A little info first, to get you as excited as I am about this release:

“Oh, hell yeah. Children of Paranoia is a claustrophobic, relentless, fascinating ride that will have you eyeballing everyone you pass in the street. I can’t wait for the sequel.”
– Marcus Sakey, author of The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes

"Like The Bourne Identity turned inside-out, [Shane’s] protagonist navigates a world where banal choices like going to the ATM have life-and-death consequences. Filled with sharp plotting and vivid action, this book will stay with you long after you've raced to the end."
—Chris Farnsworth, author of Blood Oath






Imagine if your neighbor, your co-worker, or the barista behind the counter at your local coffee shop was sent to kill you, but you had no way of knowing. This is the world debut author Trevor Shane has created. In his breakout novel CHILDREN OF PARANOIA (September 8, 2011; $25.95), Shane depicts an ancient underground war raging in the shadows of a world much like our own, but not even those who are fighting know what side they’re on.

The war is ageless, concealed, structured by rigid rules, and fought by two distinct sides—one good, one evil. The only unknown is which side is which. Soldiers in the war hide in plain sight, their deeds disguised as accidents or suicides amidst an unsuspecting population. 

Joseph has been a part of the war since he was eighteen, the age when young adults on both sides are chosen and taught how to kill. Joseph is undoubtedly one of the best soldiers the war has ever seen, because he understands the rules and the consequences of breaking them—if he breaks the rules, he’ll never get out alive.

But on one particularly dangerous assignment, Joseph meets Maria, a young woman who is uninvolved in the war: an Innocent. When Maria enters his life, Joseph finds that the black and white, good versus evil world he has always blindly trusted begins to crumble. Soon, Joseph is forced to explain himself to the woman he loves, and for the first time he finds a new reason to stay alive, and along with it, a new reason to fight.

In a world where everyone might be a killer and paranoia is the most valuable asset, Joseph realizes what he always knew to be true: the first to kill is the last to survive.

CHILDREN OF PARANOIA is set in a dystopian landscape reminiscent of I am Number Four and The Hunger Games, with a moral sensibility that will entice fans of Showtime’s Dexter. Trevor Shane effortlessly transitions between nail-biting action and heartfelt emotion, sure to delight genre fans and literary fiction lovers alike.

About the author: Trevor Shane lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son. This is his first novel, and the first in the trilogy.

Want to win a copy?

I'm giving Rafflecopter a shot this time around.

Giveaway Guidelines:
* Open to US & Canada only
* This giveaway ends September 16th

Extra Entries: 
* Link back to this giveaway on some social networking site or on your blog. Be sure to include the link to your post in your giveaway entry--and make sure that I can view it! (For every site you do this on, you'll receive one extra entry)


  1. I like the rafflecopter. It's the simplest way, imo, to enter.

  2. This for the giveaway, it seems really interesting.

    Also I am your 1500th follower. Do I get a cookie? ;p

  3. Interesting premise. Thank you for bringing Children of Paranoia to my attention.
    This is my first "rafflecopter" thingy.

  4. RK, mine too! I think it's pretty cool :) Hope you liked it

  5. I'm a big fan of rafflecopter. Way to go Amber Elise for being the 1500th follower! That is exciting for you and Tori [Book Faery}.

    Michelle (@OBoyledBooks)

    OBoyledBooks at gmail dot com

  6. I am excited about this book, it sounds really good. Thanks for the giveaway.


  7. This is the first that I have heard of CHILDREN OF PARANOIA, but the premise is very intriguing and precisely something I would check out.

    PolarisGreen at gmail dot com

  8. Wow, after I picked up my chins and closed my mouth I thought to myself, wees much read this book. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity and post today. I think the Raffelcopter is growing on me:).