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I once told myself: IF I am accepted into grad school, this blog would no longer be updated. As it turns out, in April, I received news of my acceptance for the Fall 2013 semester, where I will attain a Master's degree of Science in Nutrition.

Running a blog, as many of you may already know, is a demanding side job once the excitement wears off. And once I fell out of the blogging community's loop (have you SEEN how many blogs there are now? Wow!), it was like the kiss of death. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get into a blogging routine once this happened due to the disconnect I felt from the community.

So I took a break. I struggled with the loss and with missing my blog. And then I realized I didn't have to run Book Faery to still be a book reviewer; I could read my books and post reviews online. I'm still a book review blogger, just not in the traditional sense.

I'll still be online. You can chat with me on Twitter, where I'll be posting links to my reviews and talking books. I'll also be posting links to nutrition articles. And if you'd like to connect with me where I guarantee I will post reviews, just add me as a friend on Goodreads.

So that's all, folks! It's been a fun and amazing journey, and I thank you all for listening to my thoughts about books. I hope we all can keep in touch elsewhere :)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tori's Review: Shady Lady by Ann Aguirre

Paperback: 336 pages
Price: $7.99
ISBN: 978-0451463258 
April 5, 2011
Publisher: Penguin
Author's Website: Ann Aguirre
Buy it: Amazon
Obtained: Publisher
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
Series: Corine Solomon
Book Order:
1. Blue Diablo (book review
2. Hell Fire (book review)
3. Shady Lady

Whenever Corine Solomon touches an object, she immediately knows its history. But the future concerns her more when former ally Kel Ferguson wlaks through her door with a warning for her: the Montoya cartel is coming for her-but they don't just pack guns. They use warlocks, shamans and voodoo priests. And Corine has become enemy number one...

My Rating:

My Opinion: 
Ann Aguirre has done it again!
I had a few issues with Corine in the first two books of the series--primarily that she was difficult to like due to her doom-and-gloom attitude. When a heroine is so negative, I cannot help but wonder why I am reading about her in the first place. BUT, because I read ENCLAVE before beginning the Corine Solomon series, I knew how awesome Ann's books could be.

I can say with confidence, even though it pains me to say so, that had I not read ENCLAVE, I would have written this series off as a DNF early on. Thankfully I didn't, and because I stuck with it, I was easily repaid tenfold for dedicating the time to learn about the characters and universe in this series. This is one situation where I am glad I ordered the prior books from the library as opposed to starting out of order.

So what happens in this book? Kel happens. Kel, that freaky Hand of God that I hated earlier in the series totally undergoes a complete transformation before Corine's eyes. Gone is the brooding warrior, who is now replaced by... well, you'll just have to read and find out, won't you?

At first, I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the interactions between the two. It seemed like every man Corine met wanted to sleep with her in this series. Jesse and Chance play minimal roles this time around, and for that reason--the lack of a love triangle--I think I appreciated the story line more. Corine appeared more real than she ever has. She laughed at some points, and more importantly: she did not behave like some "agitated" individual fending off the affections of men she felt ambivalent about.

One particular scene can be a major tearjerker for some; I tried hard to resist the waterworks pooling in my eyes. Even now, a few months after reading the book, I am still unsure of my feelings about the outcome of this separation. Likewise, while the ending of SHADY LADY satisfied me at the time, I am now wondering who I truly wanted Corine to end up with in the end. I think Ann did her job exceptionally well.

SHADY LADY redeemed Corine in my eyes, and transformed her from a whiny brat who was difficult to relate with into a heroine I wanted to cheer on--and one who I almost cried for. If that's not reason enough to either start this series, or give it another chance, then I must wash my hands of you, you heartless beast. Give the series a shot, whether you're new to it, or if you've given up on it because of Corine. I guarantee that SHADY LADY will make you view all of the characters in a new, generally favorable light.


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