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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stormwalker by Allyson James

Half-Navajo Janet Begay comes to Magellan to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the police chief's daughter. But the people of Magellan sense that Janet is not what she seems, and they're right.

Janet possesses extraordinary power which is tied to the storms that waft across the desert. The only person who can control her when she's caught in the storm's evocative power is Mick, a dark-haired, blue-eyed biker Janet can't seem to touch with her powers. He can weild fire and not get burned, and Janet's never sure where he goes when they're not together.

Together they investigate mysterious disappearances, which Janet fears are tied to her mother's people, the mythical gods from below the earth.  They are helped along the way by Coyote and Crow, but these shapeshifting gods have their own

Obtained: ARC courtesy of Allyson
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Contemp. Fantasy
1.  Stormwalker
2.  Firewalker (coming in Nov 2010)
My Rating:
My Opinion:
Wow.  Just wow.  I had originally thought that the Native American female lead was soon becoming overused.  I thought: okay, the concept of the story sounds interesting, but this Janet character probably wont stand a chance against Mercy Thompson or Jane Yellowrock.  How very wrong I was.

If anything, I must concede now that Janet holds this certain type of allure that neither Jane nor Mercy have.  I've always been attracted to the types of characters who have some elemental powers, and Janet Begay's specialty is definitely something that interests me.  As a Stormwalker, she has the ability to control any storm around her--even if it gives her the worst hangover-feeling after.  Imagine Storm from X-men, except instead of commanding storms around her, Janet needs a storm in order to tap into her power.  This lends to interesting situations that reveal just how cunning and resourceful she can be.

There is no random man that Janet stumbles upon during her journey.  Instead, readers are introduced to a sexy, arrogant, frustrating fire-wielder named Mick.  Can I just say that Mick is one sizzling ex-boyfriend?  In the beginning of the book, when he finally saunters into the current scene (and into my heart), Janet slowly begins to explain why the two separated in the first place, and I felt myself sympathizing with the poor girl.  Who would ever want to be smothered while dating someone?  I know I wouldn't.  Yet despite this, I still wanted to grab Janet by the shoulders to give her a good shake.  Actually, now that I think about it, I wanted to do the same to Mick also.  Gotta love it when characters are ignorant...especially in the good way.

But Tori, you might ask, how can characters be ignorant in a good way?  While the tension betwixt the two characters is frustrating to a certain extent, I think that on some level, the two know that they--despite differing feelings in regards to safety and space--care for each other, which comes before all else.  There is this certain appeal, for me at least, when two characters have a history together.  Allyson doesn't instantly deliver a relationship with a happily ever after for either characters, but she does offer a relationship with instant gratification.  Readers aren't forced to be wary due to anything being rushed.  If Janet and Mick decide they want to have sex, then we can rationalize it by saying that, due to a past together, they are reconnecting.  Humans do it all the time.  It was perfect for the two of them.

I'm almost tempted to guarantee that this plot will make you grow animated at some point, but I won't.  Read the book, and see for yourself if you had the same reaction I did.  For me, it was when I reached the end of chapter 17.  I won't go into the details about what happened (because it is way too juicy to spoil for anyone) but all I could think and gasp and then scream was: "What, what, what, WHAT?!"  In fact, I'm still flabbergasted.  Biggest. plot. twist. ever.  I loved it!

Allyson James has a new and interesting series well worth reading.  Not only are the covers for this series beautiful (sorry, had to mention it), but her characters and plot are so unique and interesting that one would be deemed crazy for not giving this series a shot. You hear me?  Get this book pronto!

My Favorite Snippet: (pg 111 in the ARC)
"'Mmm,' the mirror said.  'Nice cleavage.'

I straightened up in a hurry.  'I thought you preferred men.'

'I swing both ways, honey.  I'm an equal opportunity mirror.'"

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  1. Jenni: Fantastic review! This does sound like a book I'd be interested in. I love that snippet too, hilarious!

    Tori: Thank you! The snippet made me laugh soo hard. I love that mirror!

    Leontine: Oh my my, I've got this one on its way to me and now can't wait to read it. I already was intriguid by the blurb but I love your descriptions of Janet and Mick plus good plottwists...oh yes, I'm so going to read this one soon LOL Thanks for the wonderful review!

    Tori: Thank you :) And YAY! Mick is now my new love. Gotta add him to the sexy list ;)

    @mbreakfield: This book sounds great! Loved the review.

    Tori: Thank you :)

    Donna W: This sounds great! Funny snippet too!

    Tori: Yes, definitely worth $7.99. I'm buying it the second I can just to re-read it (totally says a lot about how much I enjoyed it since I rarely reread books hah)

    DarklyReading: This book sounds great! I love the stormwalker idea and with the comparison to Jane and Mercy I am sold! Mick sounds like a good reason to read this book and I can't say I've ever read about a bi mirror - great review!

    Tori: Sweet! I mean, obviously, Janet isn't a shifter like Jane and Mercy are, but they're all Native Americans! Aside from them all being some kick ass leads, I think that's where the similarities end. Where Mercy and Jane can shift, Janet can wield the storm-power around her.

    Lexie: I gotta admit I love the cover to this--I'm such a sucker for blue hues...plus she's wearing chaps...that's just kind of awesome right there. I really like Allyson's historicals, so I think I'll give this a shot as well!

    And who wouldn't want to read the book after that snippet? XD

    Tori: Amen to that! Haha!