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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Vampire vs Werewolf Debate: Who's Team Are You On?

A bunch of the lovely ladies I was fortunate enough to meet at Terry Kate's "Book Blogger and Publisher Conference" have scheduled a superb week of debates and talks about Twilight, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries
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I will be the first to admit that, while I've read the first three books in the Twilight series, I am no longer much of a fan.  I used to be, when I hated reading--gasp!  Who would have thought that was ever possible!?--but I've long since moved on from shimmering vamps.  So while I may not like the Twilight books, I am guilty of dragging my ex-boyfriend (boyfriend at the time, I assure you) to see Twilight in theaters...and then going with my best friend to see New Moon.

Twilight was a laughable experience.  I was unimpressed, and voiced that disdain to a snickering boyfriend-at-the-time, who, ironically, insisted that we stay and finish watching the movie.  He was laughing and making fun of the horrible acting.

But New Moon... What made New Moon dazzling for me?  The guys!  Well... one guy.  Which brings me to the point of this blog post:

Are you Team Jacob, or Team Edward?

Here's probably a little unnecessary information on the two characters: Sir Lick-able Jacob is a werewolf, and Grease-ball Edward is a "shimmering, glimmering, glistening" vampire.I hope I'm not being too transparent about who I'm cheering for...

Alright, alright, so I'm cheering and drooling over jailbait, and I am not ashamed of this either!  Because apparently, he's not jailbait anymore!  I'm pretty sure that during the week that New Moon came out, ALL--and I am not kidding when I say all--the women that I know, and who saw this movie, were gushing over Taylor Laughtner's body.  Tall, dark, and handsome vs. pale and scrawny.  Sorry Edward, Jacob has stolen my heart.

But why has he?

I used to be obsessed with vampires.  This obsession was fueled by old school monster movies (IE: Dracula), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and my "Interview with the Vampire" DVD that my friend and I watched every. single. Friday. night.  Not kidding.  We were in love with Lestat and Louis.  We wished we were Claudia (minus the dying).  It was a weird obsession, mind you, but it was before vampires became mainstream.  Way before they were glorified into these mysteriously dark, sex-oriented monsters--or should I say sex idols?

Are they sexy now?  I suppose if you compare actual looks now to then, that, yes, they could be considered sexier.  Yet, despite the improvement in the choice of actor looks (to replace quality acting, in some cases), why have vampires become such an obsession with society?  I think it's because they represent immortality and good looks, and in a society where looks are prioritized over everything else, vampires are perfect. 

Dark and mysterious?  Check.
Do they generally look young and attractive? Check.
Are they sexy enough that people would want to sleep with them? Check.

As vampires were transformed from predators to possible love interests and mates, their glory was lessened in my eyes.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy reading about them stumbling upon their bride *cough*any of Kresley Cole's/Gena Showalter's books*cough* because hell, some of those vamps ARE still intriguing to me.  Maybe because while they're slightly more accessible, they're not completely humanized.  A lot of these other vampire stories?  Vampire vegetarians?  Bleh, no thank you.

Which leads me to my new and somewhat current obsession: werewolves. 

They're bestial, wild, and susceptible to fits of rage.  They're territorial (much like their vampire counterparts), social creatures, loyal to their pack and mates.  Despite this, I still adore them.  In fact, I love alpha males.  They are, in a sense, an embodiment of that wild-ness that vampires once displayed in my eyes.  They're inaccessible, and yet accessible all at the same time.  Commanding, yet yielding when it comes to a mate's wishes.  And, most of the stories they're in are usually very enjoyable if you know what I mean ;o)

Jacob is, in a sense, a teenage embodiment of these concepts.  When I read New Moon, I hated Bella.  I thought she was a whiney little emo brat who couldn't accept the fact that a corpse-for-a-guy rejected her.  I hated her even more when Jacob appeared, because I actually liked Jacob's character.  He was sweet, caring, and took care of Bella when she appeared to be unable to take care of herself.  I wanted a guy like that--not to necessarily baby me like Jacob did with Bella, but someone who would be there for me, to hold me close, to cheer me up, to feel possessive of me around other guys.  I hated Bella, because she was so transfixed on a vampire who was the physical embodiment of everything to avoid in a guy.

Granted, when I initially read the book after it came out, I was an Edward fan.  As time progressed, however, I started realizing that Edward was not a knight in shining armor.  He was possessive--but in a bad way.  Telling someone what to do does not equate to equality in a relationship.  And the truth of the matter was, Bella listened to everything he told her.  He was also stalking her.... Random guy you don't know that well sneaking into your bedroom and staring at you while you sleep?  Thanks, but no thanks.

I don't want to bash Edward, because I know that there are a lot of fans who prefer him over Jacob.  But if I had to choose one over the other?  I would choose wolf-boy, simply because his persona has traits that, even today, I will admit I admire.

You've all heard my rant now.  What about you?

Who's team are you on, and why?


  1. I'm with you! Team Jacob all the way. I wasn't that impressed with the Twilight series; it was okay, but I've read better. But I did love Jacob's character: strong, loyal, sexy, determined, and protective. I do think Bella and Edward were better suited for each other...and I'll take Jacob!


  2. oh i on board with you. and not just because jacob was so droolable but i felt he wasn't trying to control her like edward does. jacob was the only one who treated her like she had some sense and could think for herself.

  3. Hey Diana, thanks for stopping by! I totally agree with you--Edward can have Bella, and all of us fans can fight over Jacob ;)

    Jennifer, the irony with that statement is that a lot of girls I know gravitate towards the guys who treat them like Edward does with Bella. Bleh!

  4. Wow, I think you're spot on about Vampires vs Werewolf. I'm usually team Vamp (even in Twilight), but I'm Team Jacob after New Moon (lol about your jail bait comment)!

    Vampires cold, sexy and deadly but now the Werewolves are 'bringing the heat'

    I'm Team undecided :-)

  5. Wow,

    You make such a strong case for Team Jacob. I think it comes down to the fact that I was hooked by the movie - already had a little love for Robert Pattinson from Sedrick Diggery in Harry Potter and frankly that the actor is near me in age. 3 years younger, lusting for a 17 year old was not doing it for me.

    So Team Edward - PS in real life he has a British accent- sigh...
    Terry Kate

  6. Bohemianbluez--LMAO I love the jailbait comment too! I'm 21, so it's not too bad, but I still felt like a cradle robber drooling over Taylor's body during New Moon haha!

    That is EXACTLY how I view vamps and werewolves too. The vamps are cold and deadly, while the werewolves are sizzling hawt. You know anything with the wolves would be passionate, that's for sure!

    Terry: yeah the whole pedo-bear issue kept bothering me too. But I can't help it. He's tanned, he's got dark hair (which will ultimately be my downfall) and that body! Wowza. I'd take Bella's spot any day.

  7. See this is how I see it!!
    If we're talking MOVIE version, then of course Team Jacob. Taylor Lautner is hot and I would just sit through a movie watching him any day.

    NOW if were talking about the BOOK version, then it a bit more complicated. I picture different characters then the actors who play it. So in the book ,I'm Team Edward & Team Jacob, too hard to decide.

  8. Ok movie version I am all for Team Jacob I just have to tell myself that its just a movie and that it is ok to want to lick his abs like a lollipop even though I have children older then he is *giggles*

    Book Version I am Team Edward I did not think that he was as wimpy in the books as he appears in the movies and I was drawn to him due to his care and devotion to Bella. Dont get me wrong I think Robert Pattinson is a cutie but compared to Taylor he just looks Pale LOL

  9. Well I personally LOVE the Twilight books and movies(probably only put up with the movies because I love the books so much and because of the sexy actors)but understand where a lot of you are coming from by not liking the movies. I preferr Edward in the books but in the movie... it's a pretty close race (rob pattinson may not be a great actor but I really like his music and just look at him!!! I am perfectly happy to sit in front of a tv or movie screen and stare at him for a couple of hours and don't even get me started on taylor lautners body!!!!) but I think I still have to go with Edward's character even if Jacob is hotter on screen.

    I will read just about anything if it has and vamp or wolf or some other kind of fae/were/shapeshifter character in it.

  10. I still love the Twilight books, but then, I'm an all-inclusive vampire lover - sparkly for not. I agree that the first Twi-movie sucked, but I think it was less about the actors and more about the script and small budget. I am a huge Rob Pattinson fan, and I can tell you that he is capable of so much more than these films offer. (Check him out in Little Ashes or Remember Me.) Kristen Stewart just sucks in general. I was very impressed though with Taylor Lautner in New Moon. It was a difficult part to play given that his physical body is nothing like the Jacob in the book. There could have been fan backlash at the casting, but I think his charisma and comittment to his muscular metamophisis got him through that.

    Okay, so for the question on Vamp or wolf - I have to go vamp everytime. Bella was too weak for Edward. He needed a woman who could put him in his place. Bella was not capable of doing that and I didn't get the his attraction to her. I still say though that I don't find dogs sexy.

  11. From the very first introduction of Jacob Black in the Twilight series I loved him way more than Edward! His part in the first book might have been small, but I immediately fell for him (for-later in the series-your reasons mentioned above) simply because I knew he was a werewolf! I am a serious wolf-girl at heart and there has been no vampire to date that has even come close to making me change sides! I had a hard time getting through Breaking Dawn (took me a day and a half rather than the day it took me to finish the first 3), because I knew Bella would end up with Edward, and I hated that! I did enjoy the "book" Edward a whole heck of a lot more than his movie counterpart, but still...I wanted the (sexy) wolf to get the happy ending! ;)